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Guess I should put something here, eh?

I'm a 30ish (oh god, so old now...) male from Toronto, Canada (but currently living in Calgary), who loves gaming, reading and my wonderful fiancé. I tend to like fanfics that take place in story universes I'm familiar with, but that were lacking in some area of canon.

One example is where original work was written for a younger audience, and thus skips over some of the darker or more real implications of their world (eg: HTTYD, Harry Potter). These worlds have a ton of material to mine for good stories, because the original work was unwilling (or unable) to really explore the stories I'm interested in.

Canon material where I enjoyed the majority of the story, but disagreed (often vehemently) with a specific story direction, character interpretation or ending (Mass Effect 3 is probably the best example of this, but the HP epilogue comes close). The ability of fanfic authors to 'fix a mistake' that occurred in canon, either to explore a resulting AU version of that material, or just to assuage the horrible feeling when a conclusion doesn't live up to the promise of the rest of the story.

Since Zootopia came out, it's rapidly become my favourite animated movie, I think because it feels like the writers decided to go for a good story, without worrying about target audience. The fact that it's about animated anthropomorphic mammals is almost it's only SOP to the usual younger audience bracket. Brilliant story, amazing characters, and wonderfully poignant. Watch it if you haven't seen it, it was inspiring enough to make me actually write something of my own.

I haven't published anything OMG I published a thing! Go me! Just a oneshot, though, I still feel that I would end up with a lot of story ideas that I'd never finish if I tried something longer. I have a tendency to get distra... ooh shiny!

I do a moderate amount of beta-work for some amazing individuals I've met through this site. Go check them out to read great stories that make me feel especially awesome to have contributed.

Stories I beta/assist with:

Always my Sly Bunny, Always my Dumb Fox by Cimar of Turalis WildeHopps (Zootopia)
I put in a lot of work on this one. Sequel to the movie, Judy/Nick ship, all around awesome. Go read it.

The Infinity Effect by creamofwheat2311 (Halo/Mass Effect)
I help out on this one a decent amount. Halo ships/characters pulled into ME universe at the beginning of the Reaper War. If you ever wanted to see the Chief go toe-to-toe with a Brute, look no further :) Also a pretty serious exploration of the scope and consequences of the Reapers on the greater galaxy. Has plenty of action with both the ME and Halo characters, and explores/merges the mythos of both. Also the first story I ever beta-ed for. Check it out.

Further and Forward by petthekat (Zootopia)
Kat is a pretty awesome writer and doesn't need much help from me, but I enjoy assisting when asked. Post-movie Judy/Nick with a pretty damn creepy crime investigation. Dark and awesome, but with moments of adorable. Great characterization especially, highly recommended.

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