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12th March, 2013

I'm still alive... It's a good thing, yes? (And apparently I'm still living in 2012, since I keep trying to write it everywhere.) I'm still working on stories, but I won't be posting anything till they're done, sorry. Annnnd... anything incomplete will be completed before hell freezes over. (Giving myself ample time here... Fufufufufufufuuuu...)

22th August, 2010

Um, One Step Closer is finished. That actually happened a month ago. I only just now realized that it would constitute as 'news'.

5th January, 2008
Joining in the KaRe wave.

More details, you can see my forums or just click KaRe Wave forum

2nd August, 2006
I'm Going to Get You (IGGY): FINISHED

And as I wanted to keep the story 'clean', I add my deepest thank-you's here, to these persons: Ko-krama, Raging Pheonix, Ryuuie Mizishi, Silvermane1, What2callmyself , Amyoki, Kitsune Kit, Dark Comet, Gray Wings, inumoon3, jus Kita, kira, Kurama’s lover, Kuro Mizu-Kitsune, Psychogirly, vash, WhiteWolfClub, 01011010, a fan, angeldemon4567, AngelFire3691, the b, Br Lr, Bringer Vixtorrien, chibi-Akina, Chishio Ame, crazy’s silly girlie88, crimson nightmare, Curry, Dancho, daria1376, diana viera, Doom Squirrel, the ebil kitten of doom, evilgoddess1990, evil alien chickens, firekitty, Icedragon316, InuYhakusho, Jenn, Kanemoshi, kikira-san, kurama_and_hiei’s_girl, kavarnistka, KrystaLithium, Mae Rose, Marikalay, MikaSamu, Natoya Mouto, Nikkler, Nite Nite, Noroi, pointAndclick, rachel21, rebekah, roku, vapidbreath, sil-kurama, silverdragon2003, silverkitsunehiei, Someone, Storm Dewleaf, T.K. Yurikoto, Vampire Ifurita and YokoYoukai.
I hope I didn't miss anyone.

Little something about my stories

Songs From The Heart (Soft Heart): My oldest story, the first I ever wrote. I recommend this to no one, but since it's my first, I'll let it idle here...

I'm Going to Get You (IGGY): The gigantic monster of almost 37,000 words, chapters being about 6000 words each. Never doing that again! (But I always break my promises...) The most popular of my stories. For now. Beyblade is gaining momentum.

One Step Closer (OSC): I always misspell it as Spet. Damn dyslexia. This too will soon be finished! How wonderful it that?! I've been dragging this on for too long... I'm just anxious to get to the sequel! It shall be a splendid piece of fiction! (fingers crossed)

Draco meets Potter for the first time ENG (DmPfft): I listened to the books (read my Steven Fry whose voice I adore (swoon)) and I realised why they all hate Draco. He's such a little bstrd in it! So, I wanted to write something that would defend his behaviour, because I also adore Draco Malfoy. (With Harry, ofc...) This is also in Finnish. I have no idea why I wrote it in Finnish as well...

Waiting for your Merry Christmas: Little Myy was thinking of making a Christmas oneshot. Then I heard that song 'Ten O'clock Postman' and I got an idea. But why doesn't people like this 1s? I think it's pretty good... Fluffy... (pout) And it even continues in three sequels with Sapphire for your Eyes, The Mess with cleaning and New Beginnings!

And last, but not least, Ore no CONPANION ni nare (MC): Now, you might ask, why MC, but this story was supposed to be named as My Companion at first. Then I got the idea of writing all the titles in Japanese and translating them in the chapters.
The idea for this was formed and brewed over two years ago around a pot of coffee. Dear friend, MiDemoni, gave me some great ideas for this, so I owe much thanks to her. But the original idea was a year long story, compared to the three months it'll be now, so I have no idea how many chapters I'll get squeezed in to that time-line. I think it's safe to say that this will be over twenty chapters long, with the way I'm writing. My first multi, multi, chaptered story. Nice.


Let's just say that I'm born in April and the little '85 at the tail of my name is my birth year, and leave it at that? I don't even want to think how old I am already.

I write when I have the time, place and inspiration, which is sadly not that often any more. And when I do write, it tends to be fics that no one is of yet aware of.

I have a Live Journal account at LJ, but I don't really use it. I never got into it and I'm not the type to keep a blog, so it kind of just is there. Doing nothing. If people would be interested in my life I might write more, but let's face it; who would be?

Then, lastly, here is my DeviantArt account where my fanart has found it's camping site.

Some aphorisms (adding when I came up with them):
Tears can create a rainbow. So let them flow freely. (mine)
You die the way you live. (mine)
I don't do such things as believe. (some alter-ego's of mine... because I do believe. I'm suspecting Kinja.)
Without chaos we wouldn't know what order is. Without chaos we couldn't appreciate tranquillity. And within chaos, we find ourselves. (mine)

Grammar: the difference between knowing your shit and knowing you're shit.

Punctuation: [let's eat mom / let's eat, mom] - it can save a life...

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