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Joined Jul '04, USA

I love t.v and movies

MY favorite shows


Friends, ER, Joey, Passions (sometimes), Las Vegas, Law & Order Series including Trial By Jury, The Original Law and Order as well


NCIS, Rules of Engagement,Two and Half Men, The New Hawaii Five-O


7th heaven,Charmed


X-Files, Lie to Me


Once Upon A Time, Desperate Housewives, Private Practice, Grey's Anatomy (Sometimes) Don't like Derick Shepard with Merideth love Addison just don't like her with Sam.

MY favorite Movies

Wedding Crashers


The Star War movies


MY favorite soap couples


Is Theresa and Jared or Lucky from I think All my Children even through I have only seen two episodes of that Soap but I like them in Fanfiction.net

Sam and Grace .Do Not like Ivy

Luis and Fancy. Never liked him with Sheridan

I like Julian and Ivy together. They make a comical couple on Passions. I also like Eve with him

I like Whitney with Fox as well.

Kay and Miguel like them as well.

Agent Mulder and Agent Scully from X-Files

Joey and Alex from Joey

Kevin and Lucy 7theaven

Mary and Danny Las Vegas hate Delinda and Danny together. Delinda is to much of a princess for Danny.

Ross and Rachel Everyone knows who they are

Carter and Abby from ER I never liked Kem and maybe

Ray and Neela

Draco and Hermione. Maybe Harry with her or Viktor but DEFINITELY not Ron UGH hate his guts I think he's whiney along with his sister. I really wished Harry would have ended up with Luna but GINNY Weasely ugh really don't like her. Really wish JKR didn't kill of Fred sorry guys but I wish she killed off Ron so Hermione could be with Draco. LOVE Them together

Lorelei and Christopher Hayden. Never liked Luke with her. GG

Rory and Logan from Gilmore girls

Bella and Jacob hate Bella and Edward (Team Jacob for me) or Bella and OC Taylor from One of the stories I've read

As you can see I love a lot of couples and hate lot of them who were paired up with different person.

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