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AJleefan PM
Joined Nov '14

Name: AJleefan
Age: 14

Favorite video games: WWE 2k15, Mortal Kombat, Starfox, Resident Evil, Assassins creed

Favorite Songs: My Immortal by Evanescence, Bring me to life by Evanescence, Demons by Imagine dragons, Second chance by Shinedown, How to save a life by the fray, and a recent song I heard called war of change by thousand foot Krutch, And All of Evanescence's songs.

Favorite WWE Diva: AJ LEE! obviously.

Favorite books: The Hunger games series, the Divergent series, the Legend series, the Maze Runner series, and The fault in our stars. don't judge me, it was a good book

Favorite movies: The Hunger games, Catching Fire, Mockingjay part 1, Divergent, the Maze Runner, the fault in our stars, If I stay, Speak, All dogs go to heaven 1, and 2, and last but not least, Annie. Just saw it today

Only wrote one fanfic, currently working on new one

To all the people reading my fics, you're all beautiful no matter what anybody says, Always remember that, and to those reading this...Thank you for reading my fics and giving me Ideas. So everyone remember that I said to...STAY BEAUTIFUL! And all of My OC's want you to do the same.

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