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Hey all! Thanks for coming by to share my stories and my favourites by other authors!

As for stuff about me, well, I freely admit to being obsessed with The Phantom of the Opera! Phantom was my first real, great passion, and is still my first love. And it always will be! I'm also a huge fan, though, of Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, The Shadow, all things Titanic related (ship, not just movie although it is one of my favourites), Diane Duane's Young Wizards series, and, of course, the Harry Potter books. And I read fanfics in all those universes. So far, though, I've only written stories of my own for Phantom. I have to admit, though, that I'm notoriously bad at finishing things I've started writing. So no promises, either on when I'll finish my current Phics or when I might do new ones! Plus, I'm currently working on a doctorate, so Phanfic has to be snitched from school time. So we'll have to see! I feel badly for leaving my Phics hanging, though, as I hate it when authors do that with stories I'm reading! So I do hope they'll sooner or later revive and get finished!

Anyway, I'll read stories at all rating levels, but I prefer romances and adventures with happy endings! I don't mind anxt along the way, but they've got to come out in the right place. And I absolutely won't read anything really graphically disturbing! I don't mind stuff that's somewhat dark/twisted in a kink kind of way, but not straight-up disturbing. If you know what I mean? Also, while I'm not picky about pairings in my other fandoms as long as their written plausibly, in Phantom I'll only read pairings that bring Erik happiness (E/C or E/OC)! Though, yes, I will read slash and gender-bent Phics as long as they're well and plausibly written. I'm not a Phan of Geriks (Phanfics based on the 2004 movie), though. I much prefer Leroux, Kay, and especially the original ALW stage-musical! And same goes for LND (Love Never Dies), the much-vaunted POTO sequel. Sorry, but not a fan!

Anyhow, if you want to know more about me, you can check out my blog over at , and you can also follow me on Twitter at @phantom_femme. I'm also on Tumblr at @PhantomFemme1990, but I don't do stuff there often because Tumblr's not so very accessible. But I'd definitely love to chat with Phans in any of those spots!

Also, Phans might be interested to know that I do a podcast. It's called In This Labyrinth: Justice From The Heart Of The Phantom Of The Opera. Basically, it's an intersectional deep-dive into all things POTO and Phanship. You can find it at https:// as well as on iTunes and Google Play.

Oh! And lastly, I am a musician of sorts. You can find my original songs, plus my attempts at covers of my favourite songs by other people, on my Vimeo channel and my Soundcloud. Not much is up there yet because I've only just kind of relaunched my music. But hopefully it'll grow!



Anyway, thank you all for all your awesome writing and other creativity out there, and I hope you enjoy mine too!

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