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Author's Notes:

March 16, 2019:

My goal this year is to finally finish my ADJL story. Wish me luck! I'm also thinking about not completing a few stories. I'm not sure if I want to label them as such or just delete them from the site all together.

Plot Bunnies:
(Story ideas I may or may not write)

Stand Your Ground: (Harry Potter) - Terrence Higgs was never the kind of guy to run from his problems, even when it came to the unstable Marcus Flint. All Flint needed was something he could hold on too, Higgs wanted to be that, but Marcus' adopted brother, Oliver Wood, had other plans. (Sequel to You Just Run)

Red Reign: (Harry Potter) - All his life he stood in the shadows, but no more. Now it was time for Ron Weasley to take his thrown and be the King he always was in her eyes. But his reign will be all but easy. (Sequel to Not Yet a King)

Quotes from the BEST of the BEST:
Authors I hope you don't mind, if you do email me and I'll erase it.

Intervention Upon a String -- By PuddlemereSurprise
(Harry Potter)


With speed that could rival the lightning in the sky, Marcus snatched her hand before she fell. He held onto it with a crushing grip in one hand as his other hand clung to a rock for dear life. Blood started to pour from his fingers as the sharp edges cut into his flesh and it ran off in rivets with the rain. He groaned as his muscles worked and lifted the weight of Angelina.

“Come on,” he said. “Grab onto the rock.”

“I’m trying!” Angelina cried. “I keep slipping!”

Her fingers tried grappling a jagged rock but she had no where to put her feet. She struggled and gripped Marcus’s hand as tightly as she could as that, too, was slipping.

“Marcus,” Angelina whimpered in fear, trying frantically to get up.

Then, suddenly, with a burst of strength, Marcus used whatever energy he had left to heave Angelina up. He groaned as his muscles protested but he tossed Angelina high enough where she could grab onto a ledge and stable herself. She clung to the rocks for dear life and shook.

“Up,” Marcus said and urged her to climb again.

Mark of Montague -- By Luckylily
(Harry Potter)

"Get out of my home Montague." Angelina told him softly, but the volume of the demand didn't disguise the steely warning behind it.

"Why? Got another lover tucked away in here?"

"No. And even if I did it wouldn't concern you."

His arm snapped out and grabbed her by the jaw, twisting her face back round to look at him as she tried to glance over her shoulder once again. "Be careful what you say and imply Johnson." He spat. "I'm a jealous, possessive bastard. I'll admit that straight up. I know how to protect what's mine."

"I'm not yours!" She protested, bringing her hand up to knock his grip on her jaw away. She succeeded, and was free for a second before his hands came bearing down on her shoulders and he pulled her towards him.

"Wrong Johnson. Very, very wrong."

Loyalty -- By Minnesotamutt
(Kim Possible)

Never heralded as the hero, only the distraction, Ron takes more of a beating than anyone knows. Despite it all, he would rather die than give his job away.

He'll take the bruises, cuts, and demeaning comments all the while facing the world with an indestructable humility and a golden smile. He has a sense of loyalty that would make a dog envious.

Why? It's what heroes do. . . the ones that don't make the evening news.

Lessons -- By Kendra
(Harry Potter)

“What the hell is so special about Potter?” He spat, grimacing again. “You’re a pureblood, and if you weren’t a bloody Gryffindor you’d be all right.”

“Are you really saying this to me?”

“Don’t be stupid, Johnson. Why do you think I bother with you at all? You think I waste my time on you because it’s fun?” He smiled again suddenly, and added: “Well sometimes it’s fun, but…”

“WHAT?” She snapped hotly. “If you’re talking about--!”

“Admit it. You liked it too. You don’t remember everything, but I know you remember what counts.”

“You foul little--!”

He stepped closer. “And you obviously liked it…deep down…’else why’ve you kept quiet about it for so long? You didn’t even tell Potter at first!” He laughed at her now. “He had to find out by spying on us!”

She shook her head slowly at him, completely gobsmacked by his audacity. “You need help, Draco. Something is seriously wrong with you. You’re all mixed up…”

“Oh you think I’m mixed up, do you? Think I’m confused? Think I’m a nutter like your precious Pottykins?” He was mocking her now and she could see that what she said affected him. He scoffed again. “You’re not listening to me, Johnson.”

He had lost his smile and was watching her very intensely, his eyes practically peeling off every layer of clothing she wore boldly as he backed her into the wall. She watched as his hand came up, very slowly, and his cold touch approached her cheek. Angelina was frozen in place, wanting to get him away from her and run for it but not being able to make herself move.

“I don’t give a damn about Potter. I don’t think…I don’t even think I care what my father says. I just know what I want and I can’t stand it anymore. Angelina…” he called her by her first name.

Die Another Day -- By Sephielya J. Maxwell

“Don’t die on me, Kabuto. . .” Orochimaru said slowly, his voice quiet. “You’re the only one insane enough to follow me this far. . . I want to keep you at my right hand for as long as possible. What happened with Kimimaro was... unfortunate. . . but as I said once before. . . I believe he was the vessel I desired most. There are no replacements, for either of you. Only imitations. Don’t you dare make me find one for you. I’ve put too much into training you just right–and you’re still insolent enough to chide or comfort me. Do you understand me, Kabuto?” he asked, without turning. Kabuto’s eyes were a little wider than usual, and he had to think to speak.

“Y-yes, sir . . .” he managed.

“Good. . .” And his master was gone.

Quotes From One of My Stories:

Friends for Life - Friends for Real
(American Dragon: Jake Long: Chapter Thirteen)

Jake knew their raising voices could be heard through the walls of their apartment complex, but at this point he didn’t care. He felt unappreciated and taken advantage of by her. She didn’t know what he was risking to make sure that she and Jerry where taken of. If the Dragon Council found out what he was up to. . .

“Do not tell me how to take care of my son!” Trixie yelled at Jake as she stood in front of the television in the living room.

“Well, maybe I wouldn’t have to if you got off your ass sometimes and saw to him!” he yelled back from behind the sofa as he gripped it firmly, not realizing in his anger his human form was slipping and that his claws were shredding into the sofa material.

“All he does is cry. What do you want me to do?” she asked, her voice just as angry.

“He’s a baby, of course he’s going to cry, Trixie. Comfort him!”

“It doesn’t help. He doesn’t like me,” she told him.

Jake scoffed. “Of course not,” he began, his voice calmer, but cynical. “He probably doesn’t know who the hell you are.” Trixie’s mouth fell open as she silently gasped at Jake’s words. Then, as if on cue, the sound of Jerry crying reached their ears. Jake looked at Trixie expectantly, but she merely hugged herself and lowered her head downward. Jake looked at her disgustingly as he shook his head before he walked out the living room and down to Jerry’s room.

A poem by Evilevergreen

This site is called fanfiction,
So you know I ain't making no money,
Though I should, 'cuz my stuff is b i t c h i n',
Even when I'm trying to be funny.

So you can pull me by my high collars,
Sue me to the moon and back,
But I only got four dollars,
I can't even buy myself a Value Big Mac!

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