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Yunaki Yomiko Bio and Stats: My Gay ASS OC

Age: 14 years old

Eye color: Yellow

Hair color: Black/Greenish spiky hair

Height: 147, 6 cm

Weight: 40, 7 kg

Birthday: 11 of September

Birth Place: MLG village (Near Konoha)

Blood Type: A

Rank: Jounin

Debuted: Naruto Volume 1

Hobbies: Eating and Drinking Mtn Dew and Doritos and fulfilling his dream of becoming a MLG Pro.

Bio: During his day of birth Yunaki’s father infiltrated the lizard illuminati base to save all mankid and mlgers everywhere. Yunaki’s father finally came face to face with the illuminati’s leader XxSwagNamite420xX. He defeated mecha Shrek but Yunaki’s father knew this would be the hardest 1v1 he would ever do. Yunaki’s father fought hard but his 360 no scope was no match for his noobtube. At his dying breath he told XxSwagNamite420xX that this is not the end his son Yunaki will avenge him and save all mankid and then he ded. XxSwagNamite420xX went into to hiding to avoid such a treat. Now Yunaki at the hidden leaf is on his search to find XxSwagNamite420xX and defeat him in 1v1 and save all mankid. Before he does that he finds himself with new friends teaching them the way of MLG and hoping these faggots might help him in battle. His first encounter is a fatass named Choji and that’s where the story starts.

little bit about me: Don't take anything I said seriously

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