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Hi! I'm fluidity189, or just Fluidity. I like a lot of different stuff, so a list would be about a mile long.


An update! It's been so long since I've been on this site, partially because I was 14 or so when I was last on here. I've since (mostly) moved to AO3 with my fic, but I'm thinking of updating here once again!

The last time I was on here, I started writing my first longfic, Werewolves and Monster Blood. At the time, I was awful with my schoolwork, and somehow kept not posting the updates. And then I lost a good chunk of the file when my computer decided to eat itself after an update. I've since found out I've got some problems with keeping up with deadlines, and some anxiety, but I still love writing. Literally the only reason why I stopped writing WAMB was because I felt so bad about not updating, plus the few comments that were just 'update' somehow outweighed the encouraging ones!

So for now, I think I'll post some of my new fics that are on AO3. And maybe I'll continue to update WAMB... ;)


lmao I guess I'm just updating in early february every few years. anyway, this account is pretty much abandoned. however... it's still on my consideration list. and yes, I'm still actively updating on ao3! WAMB may be abandoned... for now. but bigger, better projects are ahead...

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