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I started writing fanficion last December. I enjoy writing primarily about Covert Affairs, but have attempted two crossovers with other shows. I enjoy reading Covert Affairs, Sherlock, Mentalist, and Criminal Minds fictions. If I read your writing, you'll know it because I review EVERY chapter I read, just as I honestly expect others to do for me (even though people don't). So if you'd like an honest opinion of your story, introduce it to me and when I have time, I'll read it.

I enjoy reading stories about Covert Affairs and have ventured to read others, but none satisfy me as much as Covert Affairs.

~*~*~*I will be participating in NaNoWriMo in November. As a result, I will NOT be writing fanfiction during that time. It will be probably the middle of December before I'm able to get anything posted here. BUT, please feel free to review some of my writing that is posted so that I can know it is still loved. *~*~*~*

Just as you would clap or boo for a composer's music, praise an artist's painting, or tell your friends all about the awesome book you finished, if you read my stories, PLEASE either review, PM me, or contact me another way to let me know your thoughts. I truly put a lot of thought, research, time, and PASSION into my writing, I CRAVE your response to it. Good/Bad/Ugly, let me have it. If you hate it, tell me why; If you love it, explain your devotion; if you want more, what are your expectations. Oh and if I get something wrong, tell me. I'll either fix it or leave it, but I'd still like to know.

Also, if you have an idea for a Covert Affairs story and are not a writer yourself, but would like to see the idea on paper: pitch it to me, perhaps I can do something with the idea for you.

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