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Name: Arno Wisp

Age: 22

Birth month: September

Biography: Just a Filipino from South East Asia who enjoys Fanfiction.

Favorite stories on this site: Pokemon, Persona, RWBY.

About me: Currently under quarantine like the rest of us as of 2020. Decided to write some fanfiction to flex those writing muscles. Now, currently writing some stories based on Crusader76's most popular story RWBY: A Grimm Fate. (Seriously, check it out. One of the better fanfics on this site easily.)

Current ongoing story: Grimm Fate: Wolfsbane. I have future plans for some fanfic ideas so stay tuned.

Update: This comes courtesy of TheCartoonFanatic01. Some important information in these times.

Hey, everyone! Due to the ever-worsening situation regarding the coronavirus outbreak, I'm going to have to remind you all about the basic steps you should take if you want to stay healthy, courtesy of my university's reminder emails:

-Wash hands often with soap and water for 20-30 seconds at a time, and/or use hand sanitizer
-Avoid close contact with people who are sick
-Keep your hands away from nose, eyes, and mouth (I can't imagine how difficult this part is probably going to be)
-Eat well, get adequate rest, and exercise regularly
-Get a flu shot if you haven't already and are able to

And if you ARE sick (I hope you get better if you are), please be a good sport and save other folks the trouble of getting sick. You can do this by:

-Covering your mouth and nose with your sleeve, elbow, or a tissue whenever you sneeze or cough
-Not sharing food and drinks with others
-Avoiding touching your mouth, nose, and eyes (Again, I understand this is probably going to be difficult)
-Avoiding close contact with others
-Cleaning and disinfecting surfaces and objects
-Staying at home if you're unwell (PRIORITY NUMBER ONE!)
-Staying calm and keeping yourself well-informed (My personal advice)

If you already know this, then great! If you didn't know any of this beforehand, please keep that information in mind as we all go through this trying time. It's a realm of unknowns at this point, and I wish myself and all of humanity well.

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