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Joined Jul '04, Australia

My name is Stephanie, a teenage girl with a cool attitude and I like to make up stories as a hobby. My favourite things consist of playing the net and reading fiction books. My favourite books are written by Paul Jennings (Unbelievable! Unseen, etc), K.A Applegate (the Animorphs series), William Shakespeare (Midsummers NightDream, Romeo and Juliet) and others (there are too many to name!)

My Neopet stories always feature Sabrina_diamond and her other Neopets:
(Paws the green Kougra, Parlrina888 the yellow/rainbow Wocky, Kassiko the red Lenny and Mysteria the yellow Lupe) And they're always getting into some sort of trouble or other!

I've finished Officer Misako. Now I'm working on a new series with Odaxitar Jinitro/ adult Olapen Jintas (on Deviantart) after she regains her memories. Keep watch! ;)

I also like watching The Simpsons/Futurama and Round the Twist (a classic show)... Lisa Simpson's my favourite character out of all of the cast.

I love watching Cardcaptors and Tsubasa Chronicles, 'Yay, go Kero!'...

Finished reading Harry Potter, Hermione's the best character I reckon!

Too bad the 4th movie (Goblet of Fire) really disappointed me, but Voldemort was freaky...!

I also like drawing manga, reading and admire the way the Japanese draw the eyes and characters!

But I'm not TOO good at drawing it... :( Too professional I guess...

Favourite Characters:

May/Dawn/Sabrina - Pokemon
Misato/Rei Ayanami - NGE
Mitsuki - The Eternity You Desire (Rumbling Hearts)
Meilin - CCS (Cardcaptors)
Syaoran - Tsubasa Chronicles
Michael/Ginta/Jenny/Bill - Marmalade Boy
Touma/Index - To Aru Majuisu Index
Shana - Shagukan No Shana
Machika - Immortal Rain (recent manga)
Karin - Karin the Chibi Vampire

Recent character loves

Ritsuka, Ritsuka, Ritsuka - Loveless
Bokka / Anthy - Melody of Oblivion / Revolutinary Girl Utena
Moppet- Return to Labryinth (aargh, name typo!)
Birdy - Birdy the MightyMiss Suzaku - HOTD

Updated Fanfics/New series

The Rogue, Slayer and Mage
Officer Misako
Kitsune Lite

Indoctrine: A Gaia fanfic featuring Shannon and the Sentinel's rule over the land.
Serrated: An Aerodactyl horror story

Piercing Residues: Odaxitar Jinitro and her doomed journey after Alexander Dragonark (possible sequel)

Life, Dodrio Style!: Gary Oak gets into a coma and gets possessed by a Dodrio called Stuart, chaos occurs!

Super-Nero: In an alternate universe, Rosalina Notorika fights crimes with some back up. ()

Planetary Seekers: Legendary Asassin - Officer Misako sequel. (Date: Undetermined)

Appearance: Black Asian hair in a pony-tail, glasses, acne,plain clothes... .
Loves: Pure happiness, playing the computer, writing stories... Chocolate ice cream! Animals: cats and horses
Zodiacs: Pisces (western) and Snake (chinese) HISSS!
Hopes to be: An author of a famous novel, or a librarian! When small, I wanted to be a farmer's wife (don't ask)...!

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