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I was NN009 but i had some email issues so i had to change over to here.

UPDATE (May 13, 2018): I am now on Tumblr and Twitter! I'll be using both to update you guys on my life and the status of my fics! Here's my Tumblr profile! And here's my Twitter profile. I am also on A03! Just search my FFN user name on AO3!

I am a big fan of Telltale's The Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us, Tales From The Borderlands, Mass Effect, Batman games, The Need For Speed series, Marvel's Agents Of SHIELD, Marvel's Agent Carter, Destiny, Sherlock, and Playerunknown's Battlegrounds. I also watch DC's Legends of Tomorrow, Lucifer, Blindspot, and Designated Survivor. Agents of SHIELD is my current fandom (with some crossover into the Code: Lyoko, Arrow, Flash (2014-present), and Mass Effect fandoms) but I will come back to Telltale's The Walking Dead sometime in the future but will also continue my work in the SHIELD and Arrow fandoms. Here are the parings I ship:

Agents of SHIELD:

FitzSimmons (AOS OTP)




The Flash:


Telltale's The Walking Dead:


The Wolf Among Us:


(I tend to hate Cluke and SkyeWard fanfic's (more so Cluke, not so much SkyeWard) but there are exceptions like when ships like Cluke and SkyeWard aren't the main focus of the story, the story is well written or the premise is so interesting that I don't care).

Telltale's The walking dead episodes from best to worst (including 400 DAYS) (my opinion) (will be updated once A New Frontier is complete):

1. A House Divided (10 out of 10).

2. TIE (You will see a lot of these) between No Going Back and No Time Left (both 9.5 out of 10).

3. TIE between In Harm's Way and Starved For Help (both 9.0 out of 10).

4. TIE between Amid The Ruins and Long Road Ahead (both 8.5 out of 10).

5. TIE Between All That Remains and A New Day (both 8.0 out of 10).

6. 400 Days (7.0 out of 10)

7. Around Every Corner (6.5 out of 10)

Total scores:

Season 1 (excluding 400 Days) 8.5 out of 10.

Season 2: 9.0 out of 10.

The Wolf Among Us episodes (my opinion):

1. TIE between A Crooked Mile and Cry Wolf (both 9.5 out of 10)

2. In Sheep's Clothing (8.5 out of 10)

3. Faith (7.5 out of 10).

4. Smoke And Mirrors (7.0 out of 10).

Total score: 8.5 out of 10.

Current story progress:

Shadows From The Past: Chapter 7 in progress.


The Road To Canada: THE REDUX: ON HIATUS

Agents of Lyoko Season 1: ON HIATUS, credit to I Heart Lyoko for letting me use whatever I need to borrow from his stories as long as I give him credit for it!

Arrows and Infinity Stones: ON HIATUS, credit to PhoenixAngel47 for letting me make this story happen!

Christmas One-Shot Series: Brainstorming future chapters, will resume next December!

Hunting a Rogue: Writing chapter 2 (or chapter 3 depending on how you look at it).

Upcoming stories:

Untitled Fallout 3 fic: Would follow a modified version of the game's events to mix in DLC as well as certain mods like Mothership Zeta Crew.

Untitled Fallout 4 fics: Would focus on both a Male and a Female Sole Survivor with altered backstories in a modified version of the game's story to mix in Automatron and mods.

Untitled Fallout: New Vegas fic: Would follow The Courier in a modified version of the game's events to write out Dead Money and mix in the other DLC's as well as mods like The Someguy Series.

Untitled Wolf Among us one-shot series: This will be a series of unrelated one-shots set after Cry Wolf that will focus on Snow and Bigby's relationship after the defeat of The Crooked Man.

Untitled Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D./The Flash crossover: This will be AU from S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 2 Episode 12 "Who You Really Are" and Flash Season 1 Episode 9 "The Man In The Yellow Suit" onward. After hearing the argument among the team about what to do with her, Skye/Daisy leaves The Playground and S.H.I.E.L.D. altogether, steals a S.H.I.E.L.D. SUV, and drives to Central City, STAR Labs takes her in and helps her gain control of her new powers and she eventually becomes a superhero in her own right... but all good things don't last as her past; SHIELD, HYDRA, and Ward all catch up to her eventually and she also makes new enemies with the Metahumans terrorizing Central City... Chapter 1 in progress!

Agents of Lyoko Season 2A: Plot is in development...

Agents of Lyoko Season 2B: Plot is in development...

Agents of Lyoko Season 3A: Plot is in development...

Agents of Lyoko Season 3B: Plot is in development...

Untitled Shadows From The Past/My Dearest Sister Crossover/Collab with SparklyGirl123 (Shadows From The Past sequel and MDS Midquel (post My Dearest Sister and pre Say You Remember Me): Plot is in development...

Untitled AOS High School/Detective AU: Told from the first person perspectives of Leo Fitz, grade 10 student at New Facey high school and young engineering genius; Daisy Johnson/Quake, a grade 10 freshman by day, superhero by night; Grant Ward, a grade 12 who's really a Centipede/HYDRA agent sent to attempt to learn the secret identity of Quake; and Detective Antoine "Tripp" Triplett, an undercover NYPD detective sent by Centipede on the same mission as Ward but as the new English teacher. More Details coming soon!

Untitled AOS fic based off the plot of Quantum Break (both the game and the show): When a time travel experiment goes horribly wrong, Grant Ward and Phil Coulson are exposed to Chronon radiation and gain time powers as a result, Coulson is subsequently flung 17 years into the past and founds Monarch Solutions, a tech giant with shady plans whose public face is Rosalind Price. Older Coulson kills Ward's step brother and one of the experiment's consultants, Leo Fitz. Seeking revenge, Ward goes after Coulson and Monarch, meeting Kara Palamas, someone Fitz entrusted with his secrets, including the location of a countermeasure and is a double agent within Monarch. Together they will work to stop the End of Time. Meanwhile; when the enigmatic head of Monarch's Security Division and former Striker Program trainee, Daisy Johnson, is tipped off on a lead on Ward by Miles Lydon, a senior member of Monarch's cyber-security division, and discovers more about Monarch than she was ever aware of... Now on the run from her former employers, Daisy now must use her entire arsenal of abilities, including vibration powers she's been hiding from everyone (especially Monarch) other than a select few since the day she was recruited for Monarch's Striker Program. On hold till further notice.

Untitled AOS/The Division fic: In this fic (which goes canon divergent after "Maveth") Daisy and Mack are Division agents who are activated a month after Green Poison is released on Black Friday. Still reeling from the battles in the HYDRA castle and on Maveth, they now must deploy into a post Green Poison New York, take it back, and rely on one another more than ever. On hold till further notice.

Untitled Destiny one-shot series: Would follow a Titan and his Ghost on their various adventures.

You can see Nick and another OC of mine Bruce Gordon in "The Spec Ops Team" and they return alongside yet another OC of mine Roger Smith in "The Spec Ops Team 2", Bruce also appears in "The Spec Ops Team: Other Lives" and "The Spec Ops Team 3", all by BrenRome (Bruce is a main character in all 4 stories while Nick makes a cameo in "The Spec Ops Team" and he and Smith are main characters in "The Spec Ops Team 2")!

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