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I love to read. I know the difference between there, their and they're. I may like to attempt to beta stories one day.

I love to read fanfiction because I love the different ways great writers interpret a particular dynamic. I like to read Bella/Edward stories as well as Ranger/Stephanie and Tris/ Four pairings. While I enjoyed and continue to enjoy the original author's stories, I love the creative way many, many talented writers here use the basic love connection and characters and spin it around until it gets even more interesting in my eyes, just like spin art. So many different stories to explore, I get giddy just thinking about it.

I have an almost pathological need to see stories through to the end. I can't stand not knowing how it ended. Ugh! Thus, my almost unhealthy obsession over Veronica Mars that finally settled down after the Kickstarter campaign (thank you very much) and my blantant dislike of George R. R. Martin, who makes me insane (Finish it, already!). So, I tend to read older fics that are complete. I have some favorite authors that I trust to finish (*winks to you, Robzbeanie*) and look forward with great anticipation for their chapters. Not that an unfinished story stops me from enjoying it, The Slowest Burn (Go Typokween! WhootWhoot! 1 more chapter to go!!!) comes to mind, but I will always harbor a bit of hope in the deepest crevice of my heart that someday, maybe, the author may come back and finish their tale.

Other than that, I have an interesting husband who tolerates and occasionally benefits from your lemons and two beautiful, crazy kids whom I adore.

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