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Hi I'm Winter (she/they)

I'm just a person writing my wishes into the universe :)

I love people dropping in to chat with me about my stories, it's a lot of fun! But please don't tell me to update faster because that tends to make me not want to update at all.

Also, because I've had some issues with this, if you don't have anything nice to say about my stories don't say anything at all. I accept polite constructive criticism (and not your opinion that something is bad but genuine "you messed up grammar/spelling here" "you've got this plot hole here" "you wrote this piece of rep wrong") but don't come into the comments and write me a six paragraph essay about why killing off a character ruins the whole story. I'm just gonna delete the comment.

But you're welcome to hop into my DM's and request stories (politely), or chat about my stories. I love talking to people about fandoms.

I also do beta reading (though I rarely do in depth edits of my own stories) so if you ever need help editing a story lmk.

I try to keep two stories active at a time. Right now my priority stories are Little Brother of Mine (BNHA) and Avatar: The Legend of Percy (PJO). I have a two Fablehaven fics, Of the Land of the Unicorns and On Wings of Gold I Fly also going on. They are secondary to my priority stories but I work on them when I have time.

If you have any requests for stories, or for me to continue stories, let me know. I might be willing to write it. But please don't be insistent in saying that you want a story to continue though, especially if it's marked complete.

Please keep in mind I have a life outside of writing fanfiction, and while I do my best to update the stories in a timely fashion, work may get in the way.

I hope you enjoy my stories!

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