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Joined Dec '14, USA

The saga of Dickfart is over now. Thank you all for joining me on this amazing quest. It's been a pleasure.

I wrote all 160 of these fics with my fiance in mind. I wanted to passive-aggressively paint an abstract picture of how he made me feel about life, entertainment, people, the world, and myself. Make of this what you will. There's no point in elaborating.

I haven't written a single troll fic since I took the aggressive action: dumping him.

I don't have anymore troll fic in me, because the stress, anger, pettiness, and bitterness are gone now.

But I'm gonna leave all these fics here for people who got a kick out of them, because humor and lightening the fuck up is the shit. Try it.

And in case some of you are wondering: yes, you all have my permission to use any one of these fics. Quote them. Rewrite them. Read them on youtube. Pick them apart. Love them. Hate them. Despise them. Ignore them. You all have my blessing. Enjoy!

Special thanks to Darfur Maxx and Lanky Kong. 3 And booooo. Booooo Travis. Booooo.

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