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Hello everyone,

I'm around reading on this site for ca. a year now. I've nuturing some ideas for own stories for quite a while now. Eventhough it is not my native language I decided to write in english since it reaches a bigger readership and well the german section is quite small in comparison. I hope it will be readable.

Stories in progress:

Henry the immortal alchemist

Henry Morgan is immortal and so is his wife. His wife is also a witch, since she had no perspective in the real world of the 14th century they assumed the names of Nicolas and Penelope Flamel and claimed that they can produce the elixir of live. There are however things even Immortals are nervous about, after over 600 years together it was time to meet her parents.

I thought HP and Forever should work well in a crossover using the Flamels. I didn't want to make Henry a wizard so I came up with a different soloution. I don't think it'll be terrible long.

Planed stories (working titles):

What could possible go wrong?

Features a mad scientist Hermione who decided to send her consciousness back in time. She was under a lot of pressure which may or may not have to do with the international auror force breaking into her lab. Thus things did not exactly work out as planed.

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