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So I decided to fill out my profile some. Mainly because I ran out of material and I'm too lazy and uncreative to write, I'm too pathetic to take on the responsibility of updating consistently, boredom has peaked, and sleep is for the dead.

Question- please provide

Answer- will provide

Sex: Male

Appearance: I'd scare your children.

DoB: Oct. 5

Zodiac: Libra, Year of the Dragon

Likes: idiots, attention, pizza (with pineapples!), vulgarity, philosophy, mythology, trains (really, they're amazing), ... using ellipses, reading (who knew?), dark humor, trashy romcom, competition, shouting (apparently), ( ͡º ͜ʖ ͡º), loyalty, friends, losing.

Dislikes: idiots, attention, superficiality, bragging, interruptions, mushrooms (I'll eat it, but I won't enjoy it), no FF updates (you know who you are), obligation, ignorance, losing.

"What is a story?

A story is your imagination brought out into the open.

It is the message you want others to see, interpret, and acknowledge. It reveals a feeling inside of you that makes you all the more creative.

Keep moving forward with what you want to write about. Remember this 'A story is nothing more than a beginning and an ending. All that matters is how you get from that beginning to that end'." (feel free to tell me where I got this from, I forgot)

Пидорас хуесос говно пидор я ебал твою мать в жопу

сын говна ебаного завали ебало хуесос ебуций я ебал твою мать кирпицами

блять голову избивал сука пошел нахуй из цата говно ебуцее дерьма кусок ах ты сука ебаная говно кусок пидорас говно сука жопа

The reason I favorite every story I read and enjoy is simple, when I first started I fav'd every story out of sheer ignorance. Later, I only learned of the alert system about 300 stories in so I said "fuck it" and continued because I want to.

*removed cancer*

*removed cancer*

*added cancer*

*removed cancer*

*accepts cancer*

*edited cancer*

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