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age- I'm old enough to drive but not old enough to drink

height- 2 inches below average

Nationality- I live in the country the rest of the world considers crazy.

Race- ummm... why does this matter...?

gender- if you have read my stories this is blatantly obvious


I love yaoi. if you do not like this get off my page. Most if not all my stories will be yaoi!!!!

I love anything related to Japan. customs, culture, food. you name it I like it.

Anime is Life!!!!

Lolita- don't know what it is? Look it up. Can be male and female.


Bad writing- sorry but its true, I tend to be almost offendingly honest when it comes to my opinion on stuff.

stupid/ annoying people- as far as I'm concerned the world is unfortunately full of these... I fear for the future of the human race.

Favorite pairings

Yusei Fudo/ Jaden (Judai) Yuki

Jaden (Judai) Yuki/ Jesse (Johan) Anderson

Yamis/ Hikaris

Zero Kiryu/ Kaname Kuren

Sesshomaru/ anyone (male)

Inuyasha/ anyone (male)

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