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I write for fun. And to seek the validation of others.

Current fics I have plans to regularly update:

Save scumming? It's on my character sheet.

Subaru isn't cheating when he reloads the game for good RNG. It's canon compliant.

This fic is updating pretty rapidly at the moment - weekly, give or take.

Hundred Gauntlets:

On an unannounced hiatus due to writer's block. Update hopefully coming soon though.

Vague ideas that may one day see the light of day:

Obligatory Fate/Stay Night mass crossover:

A story featuring characters like Kumagawa Misogi, Kamijou Touma, and Kaneki Ken. Primarily stopped by my hesitance to write a grail war (Inexperienced with fight scenes) and the fact that the tradition of these things is to do Fate/Zero first

and, uh

I didn't like Fate/Zero. (Hides from booing and hissing)

Deadfics - Out of fuel, almost definitely gone for good.


I'm not writing that whole name. Too much effort. In any case, I have NO CLUE where this one would be going, so I think I'm gonna have to leave it dead.

I wound up taking an unannounced year long break from this one, and feel embarrassed about getting on Beast's Lair and necroing the thread, even if it was one with content. That aside, a lot of the planning for it was a mess so I'd need to sort it out a bit first.

A Hollow Remnant:

Might see the light of day again; I did like the story when I was planning it out. But even if I did want to revive it, what I had planned is no longer even close to canon-compliant.

We shall never speak of this:

A Certain Grumpy Troll:

This is not a fic that exists. Really.

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