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Misheru Haruno PM
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Misheru means Michelle in Japanese. I will be 24 on January 19th. (Next year)

I'm a writer. An author. But only in name and online. My dream is to be a published writer, an author. I'm also an artist. I draw anime and Ocs. I've drawn, written poetry, fanfics, and I'm writing my own stories with my own characters.

If you wish to see my drawings, I'm on Deviant Art as Pineapplelove14. This site also has all my other stuff on it, too.

My Fanfics:

Make Me Beg For More (Itachi x Sasuke yaoi from Naruto) / Complete, one shot

A Thirst for a Vampire (Kaname x Zero yaoi from Vampire Knight) / 9 chapters, incomplete

Unmasked and Love's Reveal (Miraculous Ladybug/Cat Noir) / 8 chapters, incomplete

BUGnapped (Miraculous Ladybug/Cat Noir) / 5 chapters, incomplete

Ladrien Oneshot (Miraculous Ladybug/Cat Noir) / Complete, one shot

Akumatized Bug (Miraculous Ladybug/Cat Noir) / Coming soon

FictionPress.com (This site has both my poetry and stories.)

My stories:

A Teenage Vampire, The chronicles of Vanessa Anabel Sterling, Book 1

Destined: Orfeo, Kingdom of Darkness, Book 1

The Jewell-Fang Twins, Book 1

The Huntress, Book 1 (Coming soon...)

My poetry:

A Hungry Panther

A Love Poem

A New Start

A Nightmare, A Dream

A Passionate Man’s Heart His Love’s Response

a ragged crystal stone

Always, Forever. For Eternity

An Unspoken Message

Before the Fire Catches Me



Dead Man

Earthly Elements


Forest Finery


I Have This Love--

I’m. Done. With. You.

in the dark


Moon, Star, and Wish

My Special Friend

Night World

One, Two, Three

Our Dream



race against time

She cries silently...

shooting stars

Sly Black Panther

Sun, Moon, and Stars

Survive the Last Dance

The Endless Cycle

The Holidays

Three Words

To Be a Bird

To You


Worst Fear


You think you know someone…

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