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Real world name: Alyssa

Age: 15

Gender: Debatable (just kidding, female :P)

Right now I'm feeling: Hopeful


Tokka (insane happy noises)



NaruHina (more insane happy noises)



Likes: Music, Comics, Stories, Friends, Humor, Writing, T.V, RPing, Online, Computer, God, Family, Drawing, Making people laugh, Aphorisms, Psychology.

Dislikes: Yaoi/yuri pairings when the character isn't really gay in the show/comic/game/book (deal with it), pushy people, ignorant jerkwads, DELIBERATELY ignorant jerkwards, jerkwads in general, the colors red and yellow put together in certain patterns (please don't ask XD).

My current thoughts: Need...New... AVATAR EPISODE!!!

If you wanna chat with meh:

AIM name: Alyssalikesdoom

Yahoo: Oderfaderf

Random Information That You Probably Would Never Want to Know About Me:

I hate chainletters.

But I hate chainletters with the little "Repost in (insert time amount here) or (insert something horrible here) will happen" even more.

The day that Tokka happens is the day that I will also point at the screen with my mouth in the biggest open-mouthed grin ever, make the highest pitched squealy noise I can possibly make, and piss myself a little in the pure joy that I would be then experiencing. I'd be that happy XD.

It pisses me off when people tell you how or what to write when we're on a site for FAN fiction. Not Tell-the-Suthor-They-Wrote-It-Wrong-And-Rant-Like-A-Two-Year-Old fiction. If you don't like that kind of story, be a grown-up and just go back to story archive whenever the story you're reading is striking as you undesireable. And if the author ASKED for constructive criticism, then give it to them if you want. However, you're being an imbecile if you immediatley saunter over to the review box and tell the author that their story was stupid and horrible and blah-blah whatever. It's called CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM, NOT DEPRICATE THE AUTHOR'S HARD WORK.

I believe that Mary-Sues are ok AS LONG AS YOU WARN READERS IN THE SUMMARY. Sure, Mary-Sues don't have one iota of originality in them, but once more, it's FAN fiction. Also, notice how the little banner at the top of the page says "unleash your imagination"? That's what this site is for. And maybe some authors have a Mary-Sue in their imagination. I don't like Mary-sues either, and yes, I DO make fun of them, but it's America, guys, so get over it and go read a story that you'll like instead of wasting people's time telling the author how dumb they are.

Also, the same goes for the "I'm in the Avatar world" or "The Avatar characters are in my world" stories. As long as there's a warning in the summary, then it's fine. In fact, everyone has the right to NOT put a warning. We should al be able to write a story about whatever we want without worrying about some numbnut knocking us down. But seriously, when someone puts a warning in the summary and someone flames them ANYWAY, then the flamer is making themself look like a complete idiot.

I'd also like to take this time to apologize to anyone of whom I have wrongfully flamed in the past. It wasn't my place to do that and I am deeply and truly sorry. I was ignorant and wrong to speak like that to you. I have just recently come back to (I've been away for possibly a good year or 2) and I'm appauled at the flames I've left on some people's stories. I admit that I was wrong (and I hate admiting that I'm wrong). Once again I am very, very sorry.

I believe that conformity is misery. Everyone has the right to be different and act as they please (as long as they aren't breaking any laws or anything). If someone wants to have their hair fifteen different colors, then that's awesome for them! They have the RIGHT. And if someone decides that they don't wanna be and act like everyone else, then I'm proud of them. CAUSE CONFORMITY FAILS!!!

I believe that quotes are awesome. Perhaps one day I'll put some quotes of my own on my profile. But not right now. I'm a tad lazy :P.

And I believe that squirrels are one of the best rodents in existence :D XP.

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