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Hi! I'm Voodoo (or, voodoogator, if you prefer the long version)

I consider myself more a 'storyteller' than a writer, really. (so, sorry for any mistakes.) Despite some errors here and there, I do my best to spin an interesting tale.

Currently, I am working on two such tales from long, long ago... in a galaxy far, far away.

The first, is a SW-Prequel OC trilogy called 'Master of the Holocron'. Part 1 of this trilogy, is a story called: 'Properties of the Force'.

'Properties of the Force' is an OCC (Original Content & Characters) StarWars tale about a very unusual clone-trooper, and a tragically faithless Jedi. As their destinies become ever more intertwined, they unintentionally threaten to rip away the veils that shroud the many long-held fears... and, long-sown plans; of some of the galaxies most secretive, and powerful, beings.

Follow them, and those who are helplessly ensnared by the tragic saga they are unwittingly destined to be caught in... from the battle of Geonosis, to the sacred halls of the Jedi Temple... from the corrupt chambers of the Old Republic Senate, through to the infamous issuance of Order 66... as they attempt to flee from the fading light of a long-peaceful galaxy, now, torn apart by war... towards an uncertain destiny, amidst the growing darkness enveloping all they once knew. And, perhaps... even, themselves.

4/14/21- NEWLY POSTED!!! Now, posted completely separate from PotF, is the exciting and insightful, 6-chapter side-novella: 'Oni's Log: Tales from the Sullust Star'!

(As an unfortunate result of independently posting Oni's Log, some reviews for content within Oni's Log remain posted on the Properties of the Force review page, as the novella was once posted as a part of PotF. If you care to view them, you can find them there. Some reviews for Properties of the Force, too... are, as a result of the transition, out of order with the chapters they actually reference. Sorry for any mix up!)

'Oni's Log' is a first-person re-accounting of certain events that occur during a specific time-period within the larger 'Properties of the Force' storyline. It's basically a diary, of sorts... intended to highlight the various unique personalities contained within just a few of the 'identical' clone-troopers. Or, at least to help give a more in-depth glimpse into these particular, originally created characters, and tell some of the unpredictable (i hope) experiences they grown through.

See what happens, as they are exposed to, and irrevocably changed by; a universe of experiences that prove to be very different from anything they had been trained to handle!

NOTE! When Part 1, Properties of the Force is completed, if you enjoyed it, you can look forward to postings of Part 2 of the Master of the Holocron trilogy: 'Dark Echoes'Concluding in the finale to the saga of Trey, CT-3033... Part 3: 'Master of the Holocron'!

((PotF and Oni's Log are OC-based, however some canon SW chars are occasionally referenced in both the storyline and in pre-chapter quotes. All canon-char 'quotes' are purely OC, as are any references to SW clone-trooper training or production processes. These are solely meant for the OC storyline of PotF, are not meant to conflict-with or contradict any canon material.))

NEW!!: Beginning 2/12/21, I am posting the prologue and first chapter of my new book... 'Ghosts of Fett'.

Ghosts of Fett is the first part in an OC/Boba Fett based trilogy called, 'Heirs of Fate'. Although the one of the main characters IS canon, the story also introduces and follows an OC character, created solely for this trilogy!

hint: (This OC character was originally referred to once, in the pre-chapter quote for Chapter 5 of 'Properties of the Force'!)

The Heirs of Fate trilogy is an OC tale that attempts to relieve some of the largely unknown story of just how did Boba Fett, the galaxies most feared bounty hunter... go from the sad little orphaned clone boy, holding his dead fathers decapitated head in his hands on Geonosis... to being the only mercenary on the Empire's payroll so notoriously ruthless, that even Darth Vader has to warn him not to disintegrate anybody!

It also shows how... even from his unmarked grave, Jango Fett took steps to make sure that the steps along his chosen successors path, would ensure it to not be an easy one!

Nor, unbeknownst to him; would his 'little Boba' be the sole contestant in the lethal gauntlet that Jango had pre-arranged... long, long ago... to ensure that only the most ruthless of his spawn, would inherit the mantle of Fett!

But after all these long years, how many of those carefully laid plans have gone astray? Can anyone who'd once pledged their loyalty to the most cold-blooded creature in the galaxy, still be trusted... so, so many years after his demise?

Or, will the temptation to betray Jango... as he had betrayed so many others, when he still lived; and lay claim to his much fabled, long-lost treasure, for themselves... by whatever means... be too much to resist?

Upon completion of Part 1, look forward to Part 2 of the Heirs of Fate trilogy... which will be entitled 'Slave of Two Masters'. Followed finally, by Part 3: 'Farmer's Gold'.

I hope you all enjoy the journey!

And, for the heck of it... I DO NOT OWN STARWARS!!! (If I DID... Ep7 wouldnt've sucked, and Han Solo would still shoot first!)

I like to hear what you, the readers (who I'm ultimately writing for;) think about the path of the story, and the fates of the characters, so feel free to PM me with any questions, or leave a review! (plus, it really helps get me motivated when writers-block hits!)

I hope you find my stories entertaining, and thanks for reading! :)


* R.I.P. Eldhoron. And thank you, for all of your support and encouragement.

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