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"Hello fellow demons and angels. My name is shadow..shadow spears. I'm a wolf demon that serves a exorcist by the name of Kanda Yuu, but don't call him by yuu without his permission. In the morning he trains his lover, allen walker and the son of the blue flames,rin. In the afternoon, he eats his soba made by jerry and trying to kill lavi bookman whenever his tempers runs short. At night he trains more on his own or with me before heading towards his room and watches his lotus curse while stroking his moyashsi's pure white hair. Sighs, it's never easy being a demon, always eager to devour your meals...but like all meals they must be prepared a certain way. I just hope that cursed phantomhives and cursed trancys will stay away from all of MY hard work...curse shion and nezumi for abandoning me to this tiring yet interesting lifestlye..."

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