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NO Shipping Hate. If you don't like the pairing or the how the pairing is portrayed please do move along and pretend you never saw it. Don't give other people crap about what they like and just respect that you and them have different tastes. Thank you

Warning to readers who read my fanfics I am horrible at updating and never seem to get past the first chapter so there will be very very slow updates.

I love to watch anime and cartoons. Reading manga and fanfics. I love playing games on pc or console. I love writing because its a great and easy way to get my ideas and daydreams out to the world. I also adore looking through people's artwork of pairings and just generally their artwork on the show.

I'm a 20 year old girl who's turning 21 with no life goal.

I am very open minded to a lot of pairings and kinks and I am not afraid to read the most outlandish stories as long as I like the pairings and writing.

Love all genres but the most I frequent is Romance, Angst and Friendship or Family.

Also I love making stories rather then finishing them but any story I publish and people like then I will try my very best to finish it. Though it will be a very irksome slow process. So please be patient with me and I will try to finish them as best as I can.

Pairings and Show I'm into right now

Narusasu (in that order) I love Sasuke the most but Naruto is a close second with the Kurama coming in third. Sakura I have mixed feeling due to the fact that I was introduced to Naruto on the chapter with Sakura kicking Sasori ass.

Usuk (in that order) and my favorite character is England but right now I'm more into him being a young child with his brothers learning to love him or doting on him.

Rin x Haru or Sasuke as a submissive. I'm not completely into the fandom like I am with Naruto but I do like Rin and Haru.

Osomatsu-san to a degree. Not really into it but just saying

Kuroko x Anyone as a submissive with any pairing. Love the humor in the Anime and I totally love the story and action in it.

Jack Frost x Anyone with him being a submissive of course. Yeah a lot of my favorite characters are submissive. I mostly like the crossovers with How to Train you Dragon especially Heart of a Dragon's Soul series by silverysilence. Its absolutely a must read for anyone a fan of Hiccup x Jack Frost.

Superman x Batman with the Batfamily included a lot of the times.

Ignis x Noctis or Noctis x anyone, Noctis is usually the submissive. Favorite characters is Noctis

Law x anyone with Law as submissive. My favorite character is Law with Luffy coming in second and Bepo coming in third.

Shiro x Keith

Victor x Yuuri

Kaito x Kudo

Fandom's I'm really into

One Piece

Final Fantasy XV

How to Train you Dragon

Rise of the Guardians



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