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TO THE GUEST REVIEWER ON CHP 6 BEHIND THE CURTAINS: My belief of Total Drama so far is that some episodes focus around certain people more than others. Everyone one in Team Amazon will have their chapter in time, and Gwen and Courtney's will be coming up. I will focus on the team in general for a few episodes, but I'll then focus on singular members of the team very late on, depending on the type of episode.

First thing I'd like to say is I'm actually female. Due to my long username and kinda creepy avatar, most people end up calling me Chris, but if you feel the need to call me by my real name, it's Eve.

If you haven't figured out yet, I write for Total Drama. Only. That's kinda sad. I'm kinda addicted to Total Drama and that's kinda all there is to it. I ship Duncney, can bear Gwuncan, and have a weird dislike for Gidgette. I like Bridgette, and I like Geoff, but I do not like Gidgette.

My favourite season is World Tour naturally, my second probably being Total Drama All-Stars, my third would be Island, fourth Action, fifth Revenge of the Island and sixth would be Pahkitew. I prefer the originals, if you haven't guessed, but I do like Cameron, Mike and Zoey. And Mal.

I'm working on Behind The Curtains, a story about Team Amazon, uh, behind the curtains. That's really all there is to it. I may update it twice a week, or maybe once, but in the free time I have during the week, I do tons and tons of one-shots!

Final Straw is on hiatus. Sorry if anybody actually liked it, but when I look at it now I just feel like saying 'WHY WOULD SOMEONE WRITE THAT?!" So, yeah, maybe it will get finished, maybe it won't.

There will be no more Forgive and Forget sequels, but the poll refuses to go away, so there it is above you. So, even if you vote, you've got no choice on whether it will happen or not. HA!

If you're wondering what my avatar is, it's a creepy Chris. I like Chris being creepy, and I like Chris in general. It never was really meant for my FF avatar, but I don't like changing things, so there it stays. He's staring at you. Yes, you.

I like Total Drama, evening people, wolves, Chris McLean, people who spell Chris McLean's name right, Duncney writers and people who write good one-shots that could be turned into a good book but never do.

I dislike morning people, people who spell Chris McLean's name as Chris MClaine, Ezekiel/Bridgette writers (I will find you guys) and people who are way too optimistic and think everything's just great.

PM me at anytime, I'm always bored, I can work as a beta reader most times...

Also just to give a heads up, some of my stories are pretty sad.

I recently joined this forum and it is awesome, so go check it out!


Opinions about fanfictions

Using OCs - Have a strong dislike for people who use them. Like, come on, this is a fanfiction site. Unless you're OC was actually in the thing you're writing about, it's not really fanfiction. It's just...writing with some of other people's characters and yours. Can't really count...

Crossovers - Meh. If a crossover is done well, it can be great. If it's done poorly, it is just bad really. I don't mind them, but the topics have to have some sort of connection.

Troll-fics - ...Hate them. Think everyone can agree on that one.

Hiatus stories - Can't really blame people who do this, because they have their own lives, own jobs, etc, etc, got to make a living for themselves...pity when it's a good story, though.

Beta Readers - Good, if you have the time. I don't. So, without further ado, I am officially not looking for a beta reader. But, you may ask me to beta read for you. I'm nice like that.


()You are a wannabe at sometimes

() You have a best friend

( ) You wear/used to wear braces

( ) Singing is one of your hobbies

( ) You easily fall for the eye candy

( ) One of your favorites colors is pink

( ) You work on a farm

Count: 0 - Yeah! Nothing like her!


( ) You surf

( ) You're a vegetarian

() You care about the environment/Mother Nature

() Animal Cruelty is wrong to you

(X ) You usually wear your hair in a ponytail

( ) You have a boyfriend/girlfriend

( ) You get along with everybody

( ) Everything should be natural to you

Count: 1 - ...I feel bad.


(X) You love technology

( ) Most of the time you flirt and hit on girls/guys

(X) You are a quick healer

(X) You easily get sun burn

(X) You have a gap between your front teeth

( ) A poor diet scares you

( ) You play the keyboard

( ) BBQ Chips is the King of all Chip Flavors to you

Count: 4 - I like Cody. No kidding.


( ) You are/were a CIT

() You want everything right

(X) You get mad easily

( ) Everything is important to you

(X ) You are/were on the Student Council

(X ) Everything turns out wrong for you

( ) You fall for the delinquents/criminals

(X ) You've once been out of a game/challenge unfairly

Count: 4 - Meh.


() You love animals

( ) Everybody loves you

(X) You've been raised right

( ) Everybody is your friend (A/N - As if.)

() You are most of the time happy (A/N - No way.)

( ) You never get mad (I am laughing)

() You get scared easily

() Group hugs are cuddly

Count: 1 - To be expected.


( ) You have/had a mohawk

( ) You've been to jail/prison

(X) You love skulls and crossbones

( ) You have piercings

(X) Green is one of your favorite colors

(X) Punk is one of your favorite music genres

( ) You pick on dorks

(X) You have a smug facial expression sometimes

Count: 4- Fine by me


( ) You often lift weights

( ) You wear knee high socks with gym clothes

( ) You've been through anger management

() You are competitive

( ) You can lift anything

(X ) Happiness is not your forte

( )You often don't fall in love too easily

(X ) You're never happy

Count: 2 - Meh.


( ) You're homeschooled

( ) You're a sexist

( ) You have/had/wear a toque

( ) You often say "eh"

( ) You wear a sweatshirt almost everyday

( ) You pick your nose often

( ) You have no friends

() You are pale

Count: 0 Yes!


() You love parties (I hate parties)

( ) You have the perfect boyfriend/girlfriend

( ) You often make out most of the day

( ) You wear a cowboy hat

( ) You're the youngest sibling in your family

( ) One of your nicknames is "Party Boy" or "Party Girl"

( ) You are invited to all of the parties

( ) You skateboard

Count: 0 - I'm happy


(/) You're goth (Kinda..)

( ) You have highlights

( ) You wear blue lipstick

(X) You wear fishnets and black

( ) You make the first move

(X) Preppy things tick you off

(X) Annoying things irk you up

Count: 3 and a half - I like Gwen


( ) You can be a pervert at some times

( ) You often say "Booyah" or "Yes"

() You're a dork

( ) You fall in love with the ghetto girl/boy

( ) You read comics

( ) You breathe loud

( ) You get picked on most of the time

( ) You save chewed gum

Count: 0 - Meh.


( ) You're the Queen Bee

( ) You are/were a cheerleader

( ) You often lie about being nice sometimes

() You often get embarrassed sometimes

() Weird people make you mad

( ) You break couples up

( ) You often call people "losers"

(X) You are never trusted

Count: 1 - I am never trusted. Don't trust me.


( ) You're crazy/psycho

( ) You were once wanted by the police/RCMP

(X) You're a redhead

(X) Fire is your addiction

() You love acting silly

(X ) You run a lot

(X) You want to be called by your nickname

( ) You've camped out in the woods

Count: 4 - WHAT?! NO WAY.


( ) You're the eye candy

( )People often stare at you

( ) People faint when they see you

(X) You lie to most people

( ) Beauty is a talent to you

( ) You once/often get photo shots

( ) You don't care about anything but beauty

() You're gorgeous (I would not say this, because I am not a narcissist)

Count: 1 - Lying's normal. People lie. It's nature.


( ) You have a BFFFL

( ) You have big hips, but skinny body

() You're pretty

() You're often sweet

() You blush easily

( ) You wear pigtails

() You listen to Pop Music

(X) You're skinnier than your friends

Count: 1 - Naturally.


( ) You're the ghetto girl

( ) You wear baby T's

(X) You easily get ticked off

() You love winning

( ) You have a great taste in style

( ) You know how to dance

(X ) Rap is one of your favorite music genres

( ) You often wear hoop earrings

Count: 2- Rap's good.


() You are/were a blonde

( ) You're dumb

( ) You take Gymnastics

( ) Your boobs are big (Is it sad that I'm a boy doing this?)

( ) You're a "Daddy's Girl or Boy"

( ) You fall for the jocks

() Your eyes are blue

( ) Makeup looks pretty on you (I don't even want to think of that)

Count: 0 - Good.


(X) You are a bookworm

(/) Your IQ is off the charts/high (Not sure...but I'd guess..)

() You're in Honors classes

( ) Sports aren't your forte

(X) You are often sarcastic/cynical/cocky

(X) You're quiet

( ) You've accidentally kissed someone of the same sex

(X) You don't like parties

Count: 4 and a half - Fine with it.


() You're overweight

( ) You fart a lot

( ) You can burp the ABC's

( ) Everyone loves you

(X) You love adventure

( ) You're out of shape

( ) You love to eat

( ) You often say things about historic people such as Alexander the Great and David and Goliath

Count: 1 - Great. I hate him.


( ) You have a BFFFL

() You're chubby

( ) You cry without your best friend (Uh, no. I don't have best friends.)

() You accidently do things wrong

( ) You do everything with your best friend

( ) You easily cry

( ) You love to squeal

() You often do things wrong

Count: 0 - Good.


() You play/played the guitar

() You often wear green

() You've been heartbroken

(X) Your favorite number is 9

() You care for the people you love

() You're still looking for that special someone

(X) You act weird sometimes

() You easily fall in love

Count: 2 - I like nine. Nine's good. My favorites are 81, 9, 18.


( ) You suck at sports

() You often wear red

( ) You wear a head bandanna

( ) You wear sweat clothes

(X) You're tall

( ) You have brown hair and brown eyes

() You have a fear of an animal (Spiders count, right?)

() You think you're strong when you really aren't at sometimes (Only sometimes)

Count: 1 - I'm tall. That's it.

I'm most like Noah, Cody, Courtney, Duncan and Gwen.

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