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Hi Everybody! It's been a while...

So if you haven't noticed, I'm not the best at updating. I publish as I write so this probably isn't going to change, because RL (Real Life) must come before writing, unfortunately. So for those of you waiting for Taking Offense, An Incorrect Summoning and a Whole Lot of Weasleys, or whatever else I've got going on, I'm sorry. Please be patient. To anyone who's not, I have only this to say...bow ties are cool.

November 2016 Update: sorry everybody, but I am officially on hiatus. I will be back, don't worry, but I decided to work on a few original writing projects before my fanfics.

March 2022 Update: Hello. I am, in fact, still alive. I have moved to the Archive of Our Own, where you can find me at Too_Short_for-My_Own_Good. I still write occasionally, and might cross-post some fics over to here, but tbh I feel like ffn is on its last legs, and I really like AO3, so. You can find me over there.

My biggest project atm is moderating a collection for fanfics with type 1 diabetes rep: Type 1 Diabetes in Fandom, and its associated tumblr page: T1D in Fandom. Focusing on representation, awareness, and fun.

Any stories I have created lately are few and far between and usually short. My longer works are on hiatus/possibly abandoned. An Incorrect Summoning is being re-written, but it's on the back-burner and only up to chapter 2. Taking Offense is currently off the table, although who knows what lies in the future. The Many Ways to Say Hello has been split up into individual one-shots on AO3, and will probably continue the trend here if I do cross-post anything. just fyi.

My Darlings

An Incorrect Summoning and a Whole Lot of Weasleys - By far my favorite story. Probably the one I will work on the most. You know all those stories where a victorious Harry is summoned to another world to fix all their problems? Well, imagine if it went wrong, and George Weasley was snagged instead. A George Weasley who'd lost Fred, had far too many marital problems, was forced to leave behind his two kids, and maybe came from a place where the war had totally decimated the magical population? Hmmm...

Basically, imagine a young, aching Moody with a sick sense of humor and you've got George. Twin-centric. Obviously.

Neither world is quite cannon, but George's home world is much, much closer to cannon than his new one. Bashing in some worlds and not in others. Dumbledore bashing all around, although it differs world to world. On hiatus.

Taking Offense - The basis for this story is that the Prewett twins (Gideon and Fabian) survived the Death Eaters' attack on them, and thereby threw off all of Dumbledore's plans. They abandon the Order, and Regulus Black approaches them for help with someone's (cough-can'timaginewhose-cough) horcruxes. Includes OCs, Aries and Rigel Lestrange-turned-Black, and a Muggle named Ms. Anthony. Mostly twin-centric (so many twins!) with lots of Harry on the side. Some romance (no spoilers!), and selected bashing. On hiatus/possibly abandoned.

A Coffee Shop and the Fourth Wall (Parts 1 and 2) - Harry Potter/Percy Jackson/Doctor Who crossover. The 11th Doctor takes Socrates to a coffee shop where they happen upon an amiable (and apparently philosophical) Fred Weasley and Percy Jackson. The four then happen to get into a discussion about the existence of the Fourth Wall, alternate realities, and the belief of us darling readers. May write a third someday.

The Many Ways to Say Hello - Mostly-angsty romance one-shots, featuring cannon relationships (and ones that make me go squeeee!), along with some next-gen (and therefore OC), and possibly Marauder Times as well. Requests will be pondered, but may not always be accepted. Written mostly because I wanted practice, but I actually like how most of these turned out. Split into one-shots on AO3.

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