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Original Post: 08-09-2015

Basically I'm a girl who doesn't write fan fiction but reads a whole lot of it. :D

I usually only read fan fictions with a girl as the main character. Cuz I don't care much for stuff about guys. Kinda boring if you ask me.

I mostly read self inserts, original character, and gender-swap fan fictions.

some gender-swaps I like for example: Sword Art Online with a female Kirito and Naruto with a female Naruto. Kinda self explanatory.

So that's the kind of stuff that will usually be found in my favorites. and if by some miracle I someday write a fan fiction my self, it will probably be one of those.

EDIT: 12-28-2017

That miracle has come, I have actually written something, it's pretty rough but it exists which is something I never expected to happen.

I'm actually amazed I wrote something, even if it is really short and I don't think it's really that good.

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