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Hello stalkers and readers of Ayuzawa Yume's stories, nice to meet you guys and I should say I'm delighted you read my profile :D I mean, even I don't do that lol. I love you. There's nothing special about me but here is the profile of me :D

What is your name? You saw it, Ayuzawa Yume. Some called me Yume or Ayuzawa. That's my pen name. (Also my Japan's name actually lol).

How old are you? 13. From scale one to ten. (Kidding, but I'm really 13 years old lol)

Your Gender? I'm a boy... Not.

Your zodiac? Scorpio

No, I mean Chinese Zodiac? Oh... It's snake cx

Your favorite element? Water to be honest, but wind is awesome and so are fire but my least would be earth

Your favorite color? Something like purple, red, vintage, or pastel

My personalities:

- I love joking, as long as you don't cross the line

- My stories depends on my mood.

- I love sweets!!! Especially cakes!! I can eat 10 pieces or more

- I don't curse. But I don't really care if people do XD My friends do that a lot too lol

- People said I'm dense -,- But hey, I'm not that bad

- If you say I'm short you are going to the top of the mountain.

My favorite couple:

- Jerza(FT) : Obviously!! Since I made Fanfiction about them as the main couple. They made a perfect couple *fangirling*

-Nalu(FT): This is my first favorite couple from Fairy Tail. They are OBVIOUSLY looks good and match each other well! I love seeing those two since they're so funny and stuff haha.

-Gruvia(FT): Can you saw how sweet Juvia is? Even though it's a little creepy but I love it! Gray should accept Juvia already!

-Gale(FT): Those two seems like have this 'so fluffy' feelings right? I love seeing those two. At the first time I saw them become a partner for S class exam, I thought 'found a new couple' and I'm currently a fangirl for them

-Ichiruki(Bleach): They are soooo looking good together! (except for the height) I knew from the first episode those two had some relationship going on. KUBO!!! MAKE THOSE TWO TOGETHER ALREADY!!! DON'T MAKE THEM LOSE TO ICHIHIME!!! I thought Ichihime also match and all, but nope. I choose Ichiruki after all.

-Takumisa (KWMS): I LOVE THIS ONE!!! My first fanfict is about those two, but I deleted it because I ran out of ideas and I'm not using English. I'm planning to make a new one with English language, but I don't have time since I'm too busy with Jerza fanfiction and all lol.

My hobby:

-Singing: I love to sing since I was a little thanks to my Grandma.

-Drawing: This is so obvious since I love Anime! My friends told me I'm overdoing my hobby because I even draw during school but... Nah, I love it and that's all the matter.

-Write Fanfiction and stories: I love them the most!! Especially when I saw what you readers say to me. So make sure you drop a review if you read my stories!

My Favorite Singer:

-Taylor Swift: OF COURSE I LOVE HER!!! She writes the songs herself?! That's the best! You can say I'm a big swiftie!

-Selena Gomez: ... I don't really like her THAT much, but I love her songs :D And she's very good at acting by the way

-Demi Lovato: I love her songs from: This is me, let it go, give your heart a break, and heart attack

Questions Readers Usually Asked Me:

1. Why do you update so late?

A: I would be happy to write but sadly, I am busy. And as you can see, school has gotten busier and I couldn't get the right time to write...

2. Can you add lemon on the story?

A: I'm underage and honestly, I don't know much about those things sooooo... No.

3. Make Jerza get together faster please!!

A: My story is slow paced but don't worry, I will make them together for sure! Except if I decided to make them a tragedy story *evil laugh*

4. Do you accept requested idea?

A: Yes I do, just PM me or review on one of my story. I will reply as soon as I can :)

5. Please make more Nalu?

A: The story is major Jerza and the others are only minor pairings actually, but I've tried making more Nalu than the other minor pairings :)

6. Please make a Maid-Sama Fanfiction!! I love them!!

A: I LOVE them too, trust me. But I'm too busy making Jerza and I'm focusing on one fandom right now DX Maybe someday?

My stories are my original ideas, thank you very much:

I'm In Love With a Famous Person - I was hearing songs from EXO and actually planned to make this boyband instead of band but... Don't you think it's kind of creepy if you imagine Fairy Tail Boys becoming pretty boys? XD

A Year to Remember - Talking with my big sister about favorite shoujo manga genre, turned out my sis helped me with this XD

First Snow - I had a dream about snow, since my country only have 2 seasons so I never saw any real snow. I was seeing my first snow in my whole life and this popped out into my head and I woke up immediately lol.

Complicated - Watching Kaichou Wa Maid Sama, where Usui told lies to the Ayuzawa Charm School about how Misaki works as his bodyguard (so funny lol) and then they looked like agents so this popped out of nowhere.

Trust - I was planning to continue the next chapter of A Year to Remember and when I typed the next chapter, it looked like a new story and somehow it turned out to be a new story so... XD This one is the most absent-minded starting of my story lol

Thank you for reading my profile because it means a lot to me :) If anyone read it haha. I know I'm late at updating but I will try to update fast and maybe try to make some short one shots collection to show you guys I'm alive and kicking. Anyway, I LOVE you guys and thank you for reading until the end!! You guys are the best!

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