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Hello! I'm a TMNT fangirl and fanfic author!

Prompts and plot bunnies are always welcomed.

Fandoms: TMNT, Harry Potter, Firefly, DC Comics, MLP:FiM, various others.

I've started uploading my doodles to DeviantArt. I am NOT what I would consider an "artist." I strictly do it for fun...but if you want to check it out just for curiosity's sake, you can just search me there, too. (FirebirdScratches.) You can peek at some characters/scenes from my fics, too, but again - don't go in expecting Rembrandt. -_-;

You can also keep up with my turtley exploits on Tumblr. (Same username!) In fact, some of my fics are ONLY available on Tumblr. Some day I'll get around to syncing everything up. *LOTR MEME* BUT IT IS NOT THIS DAY.

Here's my directory of fics on Tumblr: http : // firebirdscratches . tumblr . com / fanfic

The works of art for the cover of Best Selves and for the 100 Prompts Challenge are both by the incredible turtle-sketches! Check her out on Tumblr, she is incredible!

Some of my fic is NSFW, but everything is clearly marked. PLEASE respect the listed ratings.

I didn't have room to put it in the fic description, but I'm so proud and so delighted to say that Best Selves has won multiple awards in the TMNT Mature Fanfic Competition for 2014-2015:
1st Place, Best Portrayal of a Turtle (Donatello)
1st Place, Vilest Villain (Bishop)
1st Place, Best Tragedy
1st Place, Most Compelling AU
Tied for 1st Place, Best Overall Multi-Chapter
Tied for 2nd Place, Most Lovable OC (Nick)
3rd Place, Best Group (Capritello)

I loved writing Best Selves, and I'm so happy people have responded so strongly to it. Thanks for your support!

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