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My profile image is an official piece of artwork for my book series, and using it without my permission is copyright infringement.

I have an Instagram account under the handle the_red_swordsman where I release artwork related to the stories I post on FF.

I also put up the same posts of higher quality on my DeviantArt account, as well as some comic strips relating to Your Hero Academia. You can find me on that site, here: https:///matarasredswordsman

If you care to take me on in a match with SSB3DS or in Pokemon Gen VI, my friend code is 4484-8772-3009. PM me and we can set up a time to duke it out.

This next bit is about my YouTube channel where I and a few others operate under the name NotYourAverage Productions at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCN0upebKuOxePBLDox19QMg?view_as=public

The video in the following link contains the seven rules that I never stray from when writing a fanfiction (especially crossovers).


Here is the Phase 2 OP for Your Hero Academia!


This is the video that I made for the readers of the Toa of Aincrad!


For the fans of the Slayer of Aincrad, here is another video to enjoy!


This video is the one that I made for all my readers that visit Inheritance of a Dragon Slayer. Enjoy, you guys!


Here is the video made for my highly anticipated story, Star Sword II: Return to the Stars!


This video was made for my newest story, Saiyan Tail


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