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Any of my readers who read Chaos Between the Worlds, you may have noticed that the story is no longer there. Due to current circumstances (and my need to edit), I decided to remove the story for now. Do not fret, I will publish it again one day, but I didn't think it was fair to leave it for over half a year without the next chapter, and I do not know when I will have the chance to get it up. When I re-publish it, my plan is to have many chapters done in advance and try to stick with a release schedule.

This same thing goes for the readers of mine who miss Grimmjow's Partner. I promise that I will begin to post it again. I just need time.

Hello, all!

First of all, thank you so much to those who are reading/have read my fanfics! I appreciate every singe one of you.

You'll probably find that I will publish many chapters at once and then suddenly there will be a lull in the postings (even though I try to make chapters come out in a timely fashion). This can be due to outside circumstances and sometimes can be due to me hyper-focusing on writing and then suddenly stopping. So apologies in advance if there's not many updates at one point. I will try to keep my profile updated though to let ya'll know.

Second, I'm going to make sure to keep an update here about my updating times. Due to life and dealing with a full course-load at uni, updates may end up being few and far between depending on how things are going. I shall endeavour to try to post approximate deadlines for specific stories here.

- Chaos Between the Worlds: Prologue and Chapter 1- Hopefully before we reach May 8th

Once again, thank you all for any and all support. I really appreciate it :)

Stay safe all,


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