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Recommendations (OnePiece) - just a small list of currently actively updated stories that I REALLY recommend, if I were to start on my alltime favourites we'd still be here tomorrow (I've tried compiling that list, for the last two hours, and that was just the tip of the iceberg)

Scales and Whitebeard


Where Luffy is a dragon - WAIT! Don't skip it now, just because you are prejudiced! This is one amazing piece of work, just give it a chance!

Defenders without fear


Where Thatch wasn't killed but kidnapped by Teach. And Luffy too!

Second Chances


Where instead of the standard "Luffy travels back in time..." you get a Law travels back in time. And it is NOT about him meeting up with Luffy. Nope. Totally Law centric, with additions that are NOT the ASL brothers

To Build A Home


A great ASL meet Whitebeard fic. In which ASL had to leave Fusha at age 10/7(?) and the story picks up 6 years later. Also on AO3

Second Wind


The most epic time-travel story so far. The author really makes a point in coming up with original solutions to the plot. The end result of each story Arc is (roughly) the same as the original, but the direction the story takes to get there is totally original. You really start to feel the butterfly effect. It is now also one of the furthest into the story ranging from Luffy setting sail to the start of EniesLobby.

Searching for a Saviour


This one made me cry for Luffy at almost every chapter so far. I just feel so sorry for what Luffy has to go through. But there is always that little shimmer of hope and I won't be able to stop reading this story until I know for sure that Luffy is fine again.
The official description: After Ace becomes a well known pirate, Foosha Village is taken over by a Celestial Dragon aiming to make the whole town a slave market. Luffy, being labeled as a Devil for being related to the notorious Fire Fist Ace, barely escapes with his life. Now he has only two goals in mind; find Ace and save the village.

About me:

I'm female a '91 vintage and studying Computer Science.
My native language isn't English, but alongside Italian, it's my favorite foreign language.

My biggest quirk is my Da Vinci Syndrome: Many ongoing projects but no finish line in sight. Currently active quests: painting a 3-piece-project, teaching myself to play the guitar, setting up a home-server, learning French, studying Japanese writing, being in the middle/start/end of 6 video games, work, university and writing several ficlets. I'm also a passionate cook and love skiing. As well as anything else adrenaline inducing.

My stories

So... I have a lot of open projects so I'm not sure about the continuation of any story I post. On the other hand I HATE unfinished stories, so there might still be hope there.
That aside, there are currently 13 stories on my laptop and several more in my little notebook that haven't even been typed out. I was rather shocked that so many had accumulated in the past year. And while a lot don't go any further than the prologue I really love some of the plots and think that leaving them on my harddisk is a waste. Maybe someone with actual writing skills wants to adopt them. I'm just putting the ideas out for now. Though there is one I really want to see through, and a short story that is actually somewhat finished.

All-time favorite Quote:

To say that nothing is true, is to realize that the foundations of society are fragile, and that we must be the shepherds of our own civilization. To say that everything is permitted, is to understand that we are the architects of our actions, and that we must live with their consequences, whether glorious or tragic.
[Assassins Creed: Revelations]

Fan Of (in no particular order)

Assassins Creed, One Piece, Arrow (Series), Star Wars, Stargate SG-1, Bleach, Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Merlin, Supernatural, Dragonball, Les Miserables, The Sims, GTA, The Witcher, ...

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