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Updated July 10th, 2007 (wow, it's been an even longer while, hasn't it?)

I write mainly parodies, because I worry about sounding like a dramatic idiot writing seriously. I'm entering sort of this new place of nonparodyness, though, because it's a lot more flexible. Got a fic coming up, an AU one, that I've been writing for some time and still haven't decided whether or not to post it yet. And yes, someday I will finish off my parodies.

(August 8th, 2005) Sooooo...been here over a year. And I haven't even finished two stories yet! Oh the shame! It's been lovely working with you all, really. You've made a late-nighter of me. It's 12 in the morning.

(November 23rd, 2005) Well, the apocolypse must be coming because I published a serious fic. Woe is me! Not many reviews so far, but quite a few hits. I'll draw some happiness out of that. If you read it, please do review. I wanna know if I suck at this kind of thing or not. Pretty please. Maybe I'll write more one-shots sometime, since I'm too busy for full-on parodies. Merry Turkey Day, and Happy Christmas.

(July 14th, right? 2006) Right, it's official, I've gone round the bend completely and written a really drawn-out fic with as much seriosity as I can muster--the AU one I mentioned earlier. But that's not to say I didn't try to cram in as much humor as possible for you. And it could've been worse, right? I could've been dead all this time! Heh...heh...

(July 10th, 200fucking7!) Not only am I a complete loon, but I am a tardy loon. I have been non-active for quite some time, but I might finish some shit sometime...maybe...must dash, gentle friends! Oh yes, also I really have been dead all this time. Time to come clean and all that. Cheerio!

(July 18th, 2007) Well, this is the end for now, comrades. At least for posting on Where We Start, as I refuse to post the sequel until I finish it. If you'd like to stay in touch, message me or find me on .

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