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Where to begin?

First time writer, long time reader here.

I have read so many good stories on here that I felt it was time to write one of my own, so please this is my first (and only) story/profile please be kind

also my writing style doesn't go by the book like so many other writers of Fanfiction, does it really upset so many people that I don't always use capital letters at the start of every new paragraph or that I might use a different version of a word like thru or through, I really don't get it, and is it necessary to send death threats and bullying people because of something so small as a full stop in the wrong place no body died, well depending on your story that is, if you are reading this small paragraph are you generaly upset to send me a note saying I should die because I didn't start the word (also) with a capital which I deliberately did? No wonder then the world is like it is.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, Arrow, Vampire Chronicles randomly Dragon Ball Z so I will be referencing these programs in my story and possible other future stories so BEWARE :) also beware that it will be random cos im like that.

Don't ya hate it when you have read SOOO many good stories, followed some and out of the few hundred or so not one of them has updated in a week WHA

Remember when you click on an authors fiction story that you are stepping into there world, don't bully or hate because you disagree or don't like and if you are like that then at least have the guts to use your user name and not guest when commenting, there is nothing worse in this world than screaming out insults and then hiding, by doing that you have taken the right from the accused person to have their free speech in reply.

I have a tendency to self insert in my stories, well all but one, I seem to get my ideas for my stories from dreams that I have that wont leave me alone

16/10/2016 till further notice I have put my stories on hold and will not update, maybe in the future, I have had more success with slightly different versions of my stories on several other fanfiction websites, I have noticed that there are really horrible bullies on this site very judgemental rude and they wont leave me alone, I mean come on just because I didn't put a capital at the start of a paragraph I shouldn't have a death threat PM sent to me, even though you have no idea where I live I mean WHO CARES, anyway thanks and laters S A B

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