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Well, it's about time I make a profile page on here...

I'm Crashb2007. Some of y'all might know of me through HellFire Comm's Multiplayer Monday streams and on the fandom Discord page it has. Most of the time, I just peruse through on here once in a blue moon to see what good stories y'all have and if I happen to like it enough, leave a review on it. Though if anyone is curious about pronouns for addressing me, just She/Her is fine. I do plan to start a writing project in a collab with a few fellow friends of mine sometime in the next few months. I'm also a member of the FF XIV FC; the Crystal Squeak Squad in the Midgardsormr server.

Some of my favorite series/games/TV shows include (most popular for me here):
Final Fantasy (V, X, XII, and XIV are the big ones I look into)

Crash Bandicoot

Spyro the Dragon

Sonic the Hedgehog (NOT Archie. Just Modern and IDW only for me)

Star Ocean (anything except for 3, due to spoiler reasons)

Ratchet & Clank

Jak & Daxter

Stargate (SG1 and Atlantis are the ones I look into)

Baldur's Gate (not looking into 3 due to spoiler reasons)

Touhou Project

Lilo & Stitch

Kim Possible

Deltora Quest


Disgaea (2 being the favorite, but will look into others)

Persona (1, 2, and 5 being the big ones I'll look into)

Soul Calibur (anything except for 5)

Phule's Company

MYTH Adventures

That being said, I'll keep y'all posted if there are any updates...
For now, see ya...


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