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Joined Dec '14

Avid Fanfic reader, been on the site since before 2015 (cant remember when, but know i started participating/reviewing after Big Hero 6 premiered).

Character in my Avatar is my OC, art made by someone who will remain anonymous.

Favorite Fandoms (In Order) Include:


One Piece

My Hero Academia

Big Hero 6

Favorite Pairings from said Fandoms (in Order) Include:

IchiRuki ofc, never liked IchiHime but i will respect the author and other's opinions (cause thats what this is, an opinion)

Luffy x Hancock OR Luffy x Robin, Its a toss up, cause i love both of these characters way too much, despite neither being my favorite character, and would love to see either of these happen.

Izuku x Kinoko, While it is very very unlikely to happen canonically, i do very much love Kinoko and her adorable little self, everything about her is cute and i love it.

Hiro x Gogo, i started a fanfiction account basically cause of this ship, i watched the movie (Big Hero 6, which is also my favorite disney movie btw) and instantly fell in love with the idea of this ship, one of the first fics i ever read happened to be a Hiro x Gogo fic ( https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10903185/1/Mistakes ) which id recommend to everyone who likes the movie and the ship.

Favorite Characters of each Fandom, in order again:

Soifon, i love everything about soifon, assassin type characters are always some of my favorite, and her post time skip haircut is just the best.

Boa Sandersonia, i prefer Hancock's Green sister over her and Marigold, i just love the way she looks, its both very cute and slightly scary at the same time, and she can turn into a giant snake girl, who wouldnt like that?

Kinoko Komori, as already stated, i love the adorable mushroom girl.

Gogo, obviously she is far superior cause she's cool AND smart (and short and everything about her i love it :P)

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