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Hello, hello, hello! Good day to you and thank you so, so much for visiting and reading my page! I suppose if you're here, you've read some of my works. Never fear! That was quite some old writing and after rereading those stories and frowning upon the mistakes of my previous, very inexperienced self, I do wish to rewrite them in better detail and with better characterization. I hope you all can remain patient with me until then! I admit I am terribly busy and that prevents me from updating often. Thank you so much for your patience with me!

Anyway, my name is Leonidas, or Leon for short, and I present my ideas to you all in the form of writings under the name I have here: Platinum Shining Myth. I don't mind if you call me Platinum when you leave reviews or PM me, but I honestly would prefer it if you referred to me by my name instead. Please don't worry if you do make a mistake though; I'll forgive you!

Now, if you're here, I suppose you're wondering what topics I'll be writing about. I will fully admit that I am neck-deep in the Hetalia fandom and thus it is the subject I like to write the most about. Because of this interest, I have many of my own characters originating from this fandom who may make cameos within my stories. However, within Hetalia, my favorite characters are England, America, Canada, Romano, and Spain, so they can be expected to appear most often in the stories I write. I also greatly enjoy exercising freedom in my interpretations of 2P Hetalia characters, and my personal favorite of them is my take on 2P Italy.

I also show a minor interest in the concept of Left 4 Dead and other franchises featuring the zombie apocalypse such as The Walking Dead and The Last Of Us. The same applies to the series known as Corpse Party. It is a possibility that I may write about these topics, but it is not guaranteed.

I show a great interest in books by Rick Riordan as well as Steven Universe, but I will not write about them. Sorry if I disappointed you with that statement!

Here are some other great ways to contact me, if you're interested!

You can follow and message my main blog on Tumblr: @glorified-fishing-net

Please take a look at my art and send asks to my Hetalia ask blog: @mirrored--reflections

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