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Hello to anyone who cares. I remembered my old fanfiction account, and I was able to guess my password.

Perhaps I should start by apologizing for my long absence; I would have deleted this account, if I were able to (if I recall correctly, doesn't allow for that due to spam reasons, although this was several years ago). And let me also profusely apologize for not finishing my unfinished work; I'm incredibly sorry to anyone that wanted to see a conclusion to that, because I don't think it's getting one now. I can't express my thanks to everyone who sent reviews enough; the positivity and attention was what kept me writing.

Nine years! Or at least, if the publication date on the reviews for my fics are correct, it's been almost a decade. I came back here after talking about fanfiction with some other people online, and had the courage to post it for them to see; my curiosity led me to re-read my old work from 2015, and boy oh boy, I'm having about the same reaction to my old content as anyone would have looking back on their younger years. It's far from terrible, I'll admit that, but there's also so much I would change in hindsight. I'll also admit that writing them, as shlocky and cringey as I find them now, was a lot of fun for me.

Will I be continuing writing fanfiction now that I've found it again? I'm not so sure. I'm getting close to my thirties now; I get the feeling that I'm just a little too old to be writing My Little Pony fanfiction now. As I said before, I can't help but criticize my old stuff, and there's a lot I would do differently if I could go back in time; if I ever decide to come back to actually writing fanfiction, It's more likely that I'll be rewriting these two existing ones than finishing them. Writing some completely new stuff is on the table as well, and I'll bet that my skills have improved since I last wrote on here.

I do not do requests, so please do not message me; I'm not even certain yet if I'm going to be doing anything myself right now. I just felt that, after such a long time, there might be at least a couple people who want closure, assuming they haven't long since moved on (which is almost a certainty). As for anything else?

Well just have to wait and see...

(PS: I'm not sure if gives notifications to anyone for updated profiles, like I assume it does for, say, a new fic or a new chapter, but if it does and someone subscribed to me suddenly gets a notification from a decade-old dead user, I'd like to also apologize for that.)

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