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You know what; it is time to spruce up my profile a bit. RPGPersona profile v1.3.1415926535897932384626433832795

Unfortunately my writing skill suck, Languages, writing, and communication are my worst subjects. This account will be more about showing my support to other writers. On that note, I want say thank you to any author that happens to come by here. I really appreciate all the interesting stories that get written here, as well as the time and effort you put in to write them. Reading fanfiction has become a great way to pass the time for me. There are so many different authors with varying writing styles, genre preference, and personalities. Not to mention each author’s unique perspective on a given series. I never know what I might find next.

One other thing I would like to say is I also grateful to author who respond to reviews, whether is acknowledge the review as a mass, or individually. In some ways I look forward to reading responses to my reviews even more than the new chapter itself. It is like director commentary for a movie. I am a shy, social awkward introvert. When I first started reading fanfaction, I didn't have an account and didn't review. I thought anything I would write would be meaningless or annoying. At some point I decided to start reviewing as a guest, and I found I enjoyed it. Seeing author's comment on my reviews increased the sense of joy I felt. Before I knew it I had an account and was going my best to review the stories I read here.

Maybe I will add in my genre preferences as well. I enjoy most genres. Romance would be my favourite. Maybe it was all the Disney movies growing up, but seeing people comes together and realize their feeling to find their happy end just brings me warm and fuzzy feelings. Even just seeing characters that I ship interacting in a fluffy many puts a smile into my face. The genres I am bad with are Horror and Tragedy. I am have also been bad with Horror in any media, so I try to avoid those types of stories. As for Tragedy, I am the kind of person who gets emotional invested in the stories I read, so when things are happy, I feel happy as well, and vice versa. Reading Tragic stories is a good way to bring down my mood, which is the exact opposite of what why I read fanfiction, so I avoids that genre as well.

There are also a couple things that can turn me off if they become to overbearing in the story; Angst, Drama, and Tension. I am fine with them being a big part of the story, but when something gets dragged out over multiple long chapters, it starts becoming too much. Unresolved tension that starts near the beginning and just hangs in the background for most of the story just winds me up, which, like tragic stories, defeats the purpose I read fanfiction for. The easiest example of forced drama would be long drawn out long triangle. It also turns into the same routine when it gets drawn out for too long and has gotten to the point where I skip stories where the story description mentions it. I could go on but you get the point.

Job: Electrical Engineer

Favourite Sport: As a proud Canadian, hockey is my favourite sport to watch.

Passtimes: I enjoy Anime, Cartoons, Video Games, Manga, Novels etc.

Birthday: May 27th 1987

Gender: Male

Right now I'm going through Teen Titan, and To Aru Majutsu No Index fanfiction stories. My favourite Index charater is Touma Kamijou. My favourite Teen Titans characters are Beast Boy and Raven. I should update this part to say I am also reading RWBY fanfiction stories as well. My favourite RWBY characters are Jaune and Nora. Thanks to a marathon of Star vs the Forces of Evil, that series can be added to my list as well.

...I am reading too many stories simultaneously.

Quote Section

'Love isn't about liking what's on the surface. It is to like for every hidden part of the person it is directed to. Both light and dark as it is revealed to us. If we can't love him/her for when their own dark side is revealed. Or if he/she can't love you for when we trust them with ours. Was it ever truly love to begin with?' - Allen Blaster: Dark Side

What's new Beast Boy's Beast. We're coming after you. You're gonna kill those fleeing crooks. We see you Beast Boy's Beast. The trail leads back to you. What's new Beast Boy's Beast.

What's new Beast Boy's Beast. We're gonna follow you. We're gonna stop you killing crooks. We see you Beast Boy's Beast. We're coming after you. What's new Beast Boy's Beast.

Don't look back, you may find another clue. A tofu snack, will be waiting here for you.

What's new Beast Boy's Beast. We're coming after you. You're gonna kill those fleeing crooks. We see you Beast Boy's Beast. The trail leads back to you. What's new Beast Boy's Beast.

What's New Beast Boy's Beast.

-Myself: The White Stick Review Chapter 14

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