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hmm...let's see...this is supposed to be my profile page and where to start...hmm...

my dad is german/filipino and my mom is chinese/filipino, so you could safely say that i'm german/chinese/filipino. :-)

i have been watching wrestling practically my whole life, i got hooked when i was in 4th grade and well, you can say the rest was history. LOL! my favorite wrestlers are: Randy Orton (he's waaay hot!), John Cena, Chris Jericho,Trish Stratus, Stacy Keibler,Lita, the Hardys among others. Although Bret Hart remains to be my all-time favorite wrestler. :-)

i'm a self-confessed drama queen/day dreamer and i love partying and shopping and make-up...you know, the usual stuff girls like. and i also love dancing, as in all forms of dancing from ballet, jazz, hip-hop, belly dancing, latin, name it, i can dance it! (i have been training for ballet since i was 4, i stopped two years ago)

hmmm...what else? oh yeah, i also love to read and write, probably the reason why i got hooked into this site. this is the first time i'm letting anyone read my fics though, so i hope you guys will like it. :-)

my ultimate dream ever since was a kid was to be the youngest chairman ever of the wwe (mcmahons, move over! LOL!) and marry shawn michales (but since he's now married i guess i could settle for randy orton, hehe). well, i can dream, can't i?

i guess that's about it...oh yeah, if you're bored and want someone to talk to, just e-mail me. and if you want to know more about me, please visit my blog, the link is on my homepage. :-)

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