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At the age of 18, I wrote my first fanfiction called Red Lotus.. it was a story in Hinata's point of view, on how she was this depressed girl that lost her mom and did not know how to cope with her depression. She could not take care of herself, she would hardly eat, and her father was always bitter and annoyed with her.. Her sister was clueless only because her sister was young but Hinata did love her sister. However, Hinata met Naruto at her school and he became so intrigued by her.. as did she.. it was strange for her because she thought she was not capable of feeling any other type of positive emotions. She was so used to feeling down and empty and depressed but Naruto was slowly but surely, adding light into her darkness without him even knowing it..

Surprisingly, my story was gaining a lot of attention in the NaruHina Community that it was even mentioned in Tumblr blogs.. I could not even believe that.. that story was based on my story.. I was Hinata.. it was a struggle, however, to write Naruto's point of view in my other story called White Lotus.. It has always been a struggle for me, as a woman, to think like a man and know how they respond..

I ended up becoming depressed a little later down the years after that and deleted all of my stories..

I was cleaning out my GMAIL and found an old one shot I had written back in 2015. I could not believe that despite me deleting all of my stories, I have a shot of making my comeback! I had help from this girl that went by the name of SocialSuicideGirl that helped fixed any grammar mistakes I may have had in my story. I did not have to start all over again after all! I can pick up where I left off and continue from there! But I must warn you, my NaruHina one shots have adult content in it that is for people of age. I will, however, write platonic and romantic stories about them for those that do not like erotica!

If you made it this far, I want to thank you for reading this!

Happy reading everyone

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