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Eh I might as well write something here.

I mostly read and write for Watership Down. However, I occasionally hang around other sections.

I am also on AO3 under the username Chipster_roo because that site doesn't allow dashes in usernames (or, at least, it didn't when I joined). The stories I have posted there are the same as here.

So far I posted six stories here, all of them about Watership Down (sorted here in publishing order). They are all based on the books, with the exception of Possibilities.

Cowslip's Crazy Adventure: one-shot crossover, not really my best.

Around the World is a novel-lengh "standard" fic I updated once a week starting in January 2016 until its completion in May 2016.

Like a Doe in the Owsla: another one-shot, better than CCA.

Big Brother on Watership Down: written before any of the others, but the long wait before posting it allowed me to make some edits that hopefully improved it.

Trick or Flayrah: Halloween-themed one-shot that aims to be more funny than scary.

Possibilities: very long story that combines the various adaptations of WD and serves as an alternate third season of the TV series. I started posting it in May 2018 and it is still ongoing, with one new chapter being posted every Sunday.

I'm also working on a few other stories, but it might take a while before I post them.

If you are a Watership Down fan, you should check out the Fiver's Honeycomb forum and Discord server: fhc dot soopergrape dot com

Thanks to Silverweed's Claws (from Fiver's Honeycomb) for drawing my avatar!

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