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Hey! It's me, your everyday highschooler who longs to be on Broadway, I have many broadway musicals on repeat in my head daily. I dream of meeting Ben Cook, Anthony Ramos, and pretty much all the Newsies. I do occasionall watch other shows too!

Seeya around!

Newsies Creed

Whenever I see someone with a dark past that makes them all the more better, I'll remember Jack Kelly.

Whenever I see someone with glasses, I'll remember Specs

Whenever I see someone with a broken leg, I'll remember Crutchie

Whenever I see someone totally strike out with a girl, I'll remember Romeo

Whenever I see someone being overprotective of their little siblings, I'll remember Davey

Whenever I see a young kid act twice their age, I'll remember Les

Whenever I see someone completely over-the-top, I'll remember Medda

Whenever I see someone act seriously tough, I'll remember Spot Conlon

Whenever I see someone only care for money, I'll remember Joe Pulitzer

And whenever I see someone willing to stand up for the little guys, to fight for what they believe in, I'll remember Newsies!

If you are a complete and utter fansie, who now believes you can fight for what you believe in, are constantly walking down the hall humming or singing Newsies songs on repeat, who have the entire soundtrack memorized, who are willing to slap someone across the face... with a steel chair if they even dare to criticize the show in any way, shape or form, if your dream is to meet (and in my case sing with) Jeremy Jordan, Corey Cott and/or Dan DeLuca and if you're willing to risk everything to spend a day with the dorks of the Newsies cast, copy/paste this onto your profile and add your name to the list (let the world know people!):

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