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-I read a lot of stories. I haven’t even read/watched the original works of some of them. Maybe I’m just too small brained or sensitive to appreciate such works. I have good enough taste to recognise good fiction, but I’m also too willing to read through absolute garbage to satisfy that crave for easy satisfaction.

Another thing is I end up picking up new fics before finishing old ones. It’s a problem that shows up in my life outside of FanFiction.Net too. RIP

I’d love to write my own fics, but I’m afraid I won’t finish or do them justice. I’m also prone to writers block.

My humour is absurd, problematic, and not politically concerned. It’s also pretty shit and unoriginal, but the sources tend to be vague enough that I can use the humour as my own in my groups of friends.

Ex. Doctors are fuckin cowards, being afraid of apples, y’know im sayin?

I’m pretty damn weird. Not in a good way. I don’t care too much I think.

I have a thing about twins in fiction. I wish didn’t.

I want a six pack because I absolutely melt for girls with abs. Abs are just my favourite thing in the world tbh.

I don’t have much shame, but I’m so damn self conscious that I have this shit tendency to keep myself from doing things that would benefit me. It’s a mix of self sabatoge and avoidance. On the bright side I’ve gotten a hang of masking this with my natural incoherency and personable demeanour.

Once I’m more self sufficient, I’ll do a bunch of self improvement type things. I need more me time.

Wait, this is a fanfiction profile why am I talking about all that garbage?

To read list:

Fall and Rebirth By: Lunarelle (WoW femslash)

Linked in Life and Love By: l OmegaInfinity l (RWBY pollination)

A viper-lizard's tales By: Yumi Take (ATLA zuko's a dad)

Fictus Memoriae By: Cipher.D (ffxiii X ffvii femslash)

Brotherhood By: Mina Glasse (Skyrim femslash)

A Call to Duty By: Z98 (Mass Effect AU)

Same Song Different Verse By: Selector (HP x Star Wars)

The Hill of Swords By: gabriel blessing (FoZero x Fate Shirou summoned)

Heart of Iron By: omaomae (Lil Witch Aca femslash)

The Golden and the Black By: alystraea (Silmarilion f!Maeglin x Glorfindel)

Struck By Lightning By: Vontar (Percy Jackson best ship fic)

12/15/20 Update: My taste is still shit, but writers on the Fleur / Harry discord server are slowly improving it.

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