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Welcome to my profile!

I have not been active in a while, but my interest in writing continues to intrigue me and I wish to continue. My interests in what I write may have changed but the focus will continue to be romance AUs most likely.

I appreciate all the support in my stories and am willing to give beginner advice or just chat.

Due to my extremely busy schedule I can only update when I find the time so pardon my untimely uploading.

A few things about myself...

Fraxus is my OTP and has been for several years but I enjoy playing around with characters especially to suit the angle I wish to write in. How I'm feeling greatly affects my writing and much of this is situations I have gone through but carved to fit the characters-please be respectful. I love writing and reading, sometimes I'll pull a basis of ideas from a different source. If detected, I do not mean to plagiarize, I only wish to take a spin on the original idea. Prompts have caught my interest and I'll be using random ones I find. Most likely, these will be mentioned in the description.

Thank you for your time and I hope you can become lost in the stories I write!

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