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I really like Time-Travel and Crossover fics. I currently have 1 fic in progress.

I'll have another fic out once I figure out how da faq to write the story out. Or how it's supposed to go. Or the plot. Seven Saber-Faces in Skyrim at Helgen will do that to ya. And they all become one happy family. After Mordred almost goes Fate/Zero Lancelot on Arturia and Morgan on sight. Which they stop almost instantaniously. Won't tell ya how though. And Jeanne stops goin Tsun Tsun about it being a family together. Again, not sayin nothin. All including Morgan La Fey, Nero, Jeanne de Alter, Mordred Alter(Saber and Berserker but Sane...-ish), Arturia Alter(Lancer with Rhongomyniad and Excalibur Morgan), and two more you'll have to wait and find out about. Mwahahahahahaaaa!!!

For a clue of how I got my inspiration, go to youtube and look up:Most Wonderous Battle OST's Ever:United we Stand Divided we Fall by HDSOUNDI.

My Top 15 favorite fanfic catagories are:Fate/StayNight, Bleach, Elder Scrolls, Naruto, Magic the Gathering, Halo, Harry Potter, Mass Effect, HighSchoolDXD, Borderlands, Campione, RWBY, Dragon Age, Warcraft, and RosarioVampire.

My favorite PS4 games are Crossout, Days Gone, and Ghost of Tsushima. I usually play Crossout with my bois, Commando_Jake397, brisk_spring1, Elmem_Haze, and duckdodgers2150. If u wish to Friend me, it's da same as my profile minus Chaos God. I am Male. My favorite food is a good quality cheezeburger and onion rings, especially if the burger has bacon on it. That's my heaven food right there. And a frosty Montain Dew Voltage or Pitch Black to wash it down with. And my favorite candy is a toss up between the Cookies and Cream Twix and da Original. I love them both when frozen from after putting them in the freezer.

I see Nothing

Hear Something

Know All


That is the key

To Coincidental Deniability

And the little subsection

To Selective Disorder of Memory

You see a Prank? DENY!

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