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(more to come and I'm so, so sorry for leaving, how have y'all been these past 5 years?)

There's gonna be a profile revamp here eventually, but for now, status update!

History Repeats Itself, Chapter 67: 4/12 POVs completed

Since everyone in the SYOT community is doing a list, and I'm always one for jumping on the bandwagon, behold, my submitted tributes! (also if I've missed someone, just let me know, I have a horrible memory)

Alive (for now)
I seem to have an affinity for "A" names and bad district-related puns. Also, I apparently only make tragic, useless marshmallows and angst-muffins, with one or two exceptions.

Alistair Lennox, 18, District 1 Male; The Original Marshmallow; Fear is Deadly - The 47th Hunger Games

Elouise Paxton, 18, District 1 Female; Servant With A Grudge; Fear is Deadly - The 47th Hunger Games

Hypatia Anning, 14, District 3 Female; For Science!; Fear is Deadly - The 47th Hunger Games

Callisto Jovian, 13, District 3 Female; ALL the Astronomy!; Never in Our Favor

Rhode Nerida, 18, District 4 Female; Aggressively Neutral; For the Children: The 1st Annual Hunger Games SYOT

Hanna Alpert, 13, District 5 Female; Mopey, Angst-Filled Jinx; Fear is Deadly - The 47th Hunger Games

Aramid Vicuna, 16, District 6 Male; Very Useless Marshmallow; For the Children: The 1st Annual Hunger Games SYOT

Joss Bentley, 18, District 6 Male; Shallow Jerkface; Danse Macabre

Edison Burt, 12, District 7 Male; Obnoxious Know-It-All; The 227th Hunger Games: Dollhouse

Zeak "Zee" Shajirah, 17, District 7 Male; Pinky; Fear is Deadly - The 47th Hunger Games

Madras Kemp-Wigan, 17, District 8 Male; The Brain; Fear is Deadly - The 47th Hunger Games

Rover Morgan, 17, District 8 Male; Ice's Most Pathetic Angst-Muffin; Mayday

Kattel "Kat" Holstein, 13, District 10 Male; Reclusive Reader; Everything That Kills Me

Fritz Kolenburg, 15, District 12 Male; The Doof To End All Doofs; Fear is Deadly - The 47th Hunger Games

Nicolao Lucritis, 14, Snow Island Male; Possibly More of a Doof Than Fritz; Haus der Toten


6th - Arick Greige, 18, District 8 Male; Dutiful Rebel's Son . . . And A Huge Doof; Hideaway

11th - Amaryllis Carmellia, 16, District 12 Female; Self-Righteous (Self-Proclaimed) Saint; The Origins of Monstrosity

Tributes for History Repeats Itself

District 1: Tesla Sinclair (17) and Vesper Prospero (17)

District 2: Andromeda Eriae (18) and Chance Hensley (12)

District 3: Adia James (15) and Bolt Andrews (14)

District 4: Selene Redstone (17) and Arc Malvina (14)

District 5: Samantha Marie Hoffman (17) and Aemilius "Del" Lewellyn (17)

District 6: Riri Kramer (15) and Soren Tains (15)

District 7: Caragh Ronisch (18) and Volt Tron (17)

District 8: Tullia "Tully" O'Doyle (17) and Magnus Chase (17)

District 9: Jeanette Walters (13) and Stanley Bevalli (18)

District 10: Reese Durnham (18) and Riley Byron (17)

District 11: Katerina Mossiac (14) and Kale Hackberry (17)

District 12: Tierza Mae (14) and Milo Heath (13)

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