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Ummmm... i have no idea what your supposed to write on here. Your not looking to learn my life story you just want to read so my stories are below. Enjoy!

... Wait there is one thing...

FanFiction Writer's Assistance Program

FFWAP is a program designed to help aspiring writers in need of assistance with their stories, or who just want a detailed critique and suggestions for improvement. Writers can submit their stories to be read by knowledgeable Reviewers. Authors will receive, via email (these reviews are writer aids and will not count towards review counts on FFnet), detailed assessments of their writing, outlining areas that need work, as well as suggestions for improvement. This program has been designed with one purpose, to help aspiring writers.

Authors who submit their story will receive a thorough review analyzing all the aspects of not only their particular story, but also their writing technique in general. The reviews are not criticisms, but assessments of both positives and negatives aspects of the piece, designed to aid the writer. Pointers, tips, and suggestions will be given as is applicable. This system is not only for writers who need help, but also for more experienced writers who would like an overall appraisal and unbiased review, with suggestions for improvement. Anyone can submit a story, so don't be shy!

If you are interested in submitting your story to FFWAP, please visit our website at http:///ffwap/index.html.

(Note: Not an official FFnet program.)

This is a fantastic website so if you do want any help... just go there :)

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