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Joined Jan '15

Name: YagamiNguyen (This is my second account, you will know me with my first and main account with the same name)

Age- 24

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MY discord is now avaliable, check me out up there as well and join my Discord Community (or use this link if the other one has troubles: https:///invi-te/nT-rSs-hv4-gZ (make sure to delete the dashes, or check the link out in my twitter)

I have set up my account, to those who have the financial power to support me through this difficult time, feel free to do so here (remove all the dashes): w-w-w.p-a-t-re-o-n.c-o-m/nguyenyagami

Favorite Mottos:

- Rules and Regulations are not meant to suppressed, it were meant to protect.

- A hero is someone who protect, a great hero is someone who can save and protect, however a true hero is someone who can inspire people to move into a new direction, someone who can shows the right path to be taken.

Series are Naruto, High School DxD, Fairy Tail, One Piece, Bleach...I especially like Fairy Tail and its crossover, I also like Percy Jackson and Harry Potter a lot.

I'm a breasts lover XD...so I always love the ones that got hot females with large breasts, that would explain why I love Fairy Tail and High School DxD too much.

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