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Well hello . I haven't been around here for awhile, and while I can't say I'm returning with any constant stream of stories, I have begun writing a bit more now. Thanks in no small part to pushy LJ friends. So, I hope you read, enjoy, and review, and review even if you don't enjoy. This isn't my main posting place but most of what I write will be cross-posted here.

Oh, also, I'm too lazy to change this bio just yet. I think it's up-to-date but I'm definitely over the look of it. So ignore it, if you will, or read it if you want.


Also: nytekit @ tumblr

Current Favorite Quotes:

"Ordinary. The kind of dangerous beautiful ordinary that you just can't leave alone. Like an angel from the Underworld; or maybe a devil from Paradise." -Faye to Jet about Julia

"Your hair is damaged Kurama. Human bodies are so frail. I know you fear what my touch could do to you. Then again, maybe you also want to know it." -Karasu to Kurama

"Those who write on bathroom walls roll shit into little balls. And those who read these words of wit eat those little balls of shit." -Can We Kill Him Now by: whowhenwhatever

"An apology isn't anything more than vocalised self-pity." -Ink of Vengeance by: Fate VII

"Talking to yourself isn't a sign of craziness until 'yourself' answers back." -Me

"When breathing just passes time Until we all just get old and die Now talking's just a waste of breath And living's just a waste of death." - Pete Wentz, Fall Out Boy

"Everything is Nothing, Nothing makes you cry, Tears show your weakness, Weakness means you die." - Everything Is Nothing by: GryphonChild

"Love is full of deception. ‘As long as he’s happy, I’m happy,’ even though you’re in agony. ‘He belongs only to me,’ even if he doesn’t. ‘I hate you,’ even though you don’t. ‘I won’t hurt you,’ even though you will. ‘I can’t live without you,’ even though you can. ‘I’ll protect you,’ even if you can’t." - Deception by: Raei Dagger

"Don't be a fool for the devil darling, unless he treats you a damn sight better than the Almighty!" - The Vampire Lestat by: Anne Rice

"When you're honest with yourself, oftentimes you betray someone else." - Eric Jerome Dickey

"I once read that the only philosophical question that matters, is whether or not to commit suicide... I guess that makes me a philosopher." - Walter Sparrow, "The Number 23"

"When my time comes, forget the wrong that I've done. Help me leave behind some reasons to be missed. And don't resent me, and when you're feeling empty, keep me in your memory. Leave out all the rest." - Linkin Park

"Fuck yourself."
"I'm tired from fucking your wife."
"How's your mother?"
"Good. She's tired from fucking my father." - The Departed

"My manner of thinking, so you say, cannot be approved. Do you suppose I care? A poor fool indeed is he who adopts a manner of thinking for others." - Marquis de Sade

"I'm not psycho...I just like psychotic things." - Gerard Way, My Chemical Romance

"Deal with yourself as an individual worthy of respect and make everyone else deal with you the same way." - Nikki Giovanni

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